I can't do this another 25 years.

When I was in high school, I would see this guy at the train station very often. We never spoke; we just stared at each other and went about our business. Fast forward 20 years, this same guy starts working in the same office building I work in. Not sure if he remembered me, but I definitely remembered him. I would see him so often like we were on the same lunch and break schedule, yet still neither of us says hello, we just look and keep moving. After 2 years of doing this, I changed jobs and moved office buildings. I hadn't seen him in almost 3 years. I totally forgot him. About 4 months ago I changed my mode of transportation to work and sure enough this same guy is on my new train! 25 years later and all we still do is look and say nothing. LOL I mean most people by now would have said something!

Now that he has returned to my life, it's like we are closer in movements. We walk the same path to work, we like to go to the same pastry truck, it literally feels like we are following each other, to the point where if one of us gets to the pastry truck first the other won't get in line. It's too weird to be in the same line together.

I did have a crush on him in high school, about a year before I met my husband. He actually started working in my office building a few months before I got married. I believe he is in a relationship. I don't have a crush on him as an adult. I do however have a great desire to know who he is and why we keep crossing paths. The desire has made me so anxious I actually stopped making eye contact with him for 2 weeks. When I saw him coming on the train I would read a book. When passing him, I would look straight forward and not turn my head. Over the weekend I had been working on manifesting having a conversation with him. Well on Monday, I notice him walking and talking to another female from the same train as us walking the same path we walk. How did I manifest that? LOL

They sound like they knew each other previously. I mean he talks loud enough so I can hear his conversation. I just find it odd the exact day I make eye contact with him again, he's doing the exact same thing I tried to manifest for us. If he's happy I'm happy and I appreciate the visual of them walking and talking as it gives me hope someday we can both get off our high horses and speak to each other. Granted we are both in relationships but even my husband said "It's weird neither of you has said at least Hi."

I am wondering how do I keep attracting this person in my life, on 3 different occasions? And why is it so hard for one of us to initiate a conversation? Did I manifest him talking to the other woman on the train? I will say I prefer he approaches me rather than me approach him. Is there a better way to manifest him saying hi to me?

Thanks for your help on this.


Let's get to Hi.

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Feb 07, 2019
Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply
by: John Peace

Thank you for your question, it’s really interesting how your reality keeps colliding with this guy, and does it beg the question whether this is unusual or not?

To be honest you see many of the same people over and over again, often daily, particularly when we live in pattern lives such as commuting to an office and eating in certain restaurants, and all these random meetings take place throughout our life experience. So what makes this meeting less random and more contrived?

If we take the people out of our experiences and notice the things that tend to randomly happen in our reality, many experiences can be termed as random. How we randomly hit a red light, find a parking space or end up in a queue at the supermarket. But are all these things truly random? Well generally they are, but if you tend to notice and feel about a random experience you include those feelings into your vibration, and it is to our vibration that we attract certain experiences to help us to keep feeling the same way.

I suppose that, although we tell people that the Law of Attraction is a creative law, it all honesty it is a static law, that aligns experiences to us that match the way we think and feel. The creative part comes when we invent our thoughts and feelings to match a desired experience, so that we dupe the Law of Attraction to align the things we desire, as we have already imagined our thinking and feeling as if that reality already existed.

We change our thoughts and feelings constantly, so the patterns and the evidence for this law are often unseen. For example, when we think of the morning that we have hit a red light and we’re running late, at first we notice the red light, we offer it thought and emotion, possibly of annoyance and frustration, and as we continue with our journey, and align to more red lights, we notice more, think more and feel more negative feelings. All well and good at the journeys end, but if we take those thoughts and feelings on to the next stage of today’s experience, we will undoubtedly align to more and more annoying and frustrating experiences that match our feelings.

Take another morning though, when we hit a green light and notice and feel about that, usually with thoughts of pleasure and emotions of excitement, we can align to green light after green light. And, when we take our pleasure and excitement onto the rest of our day, we can attract some of the best experiences, as the Law of Attraction aligns us to more pleasurable and exciting things that match our vibration.

So what happens when the light was either colour but we didn’t really think about that experience, or feel anything towards it. Well the Law of Attraction would have nothing to align to you about that experience, and as random experiences continued to take place, only when you notice, think about and feel about that experience can anything be aligned.

So why have you realigned to this guy, or have you?

When you were in high school you obviously noticed, thought about and felt about him, so it is easy to understand why you would keep running in to him. Why he didn’t speak to you I don’t know, I only have the perspective of your thoughts and feelings and cannot imagine his way of thinking and feeling as he kept seeing you. Were you his red light or his green light? We do not know…..

But he has arrived into your experience again. Of course this could be the Law of Attraction in action, possibly you have had thoughts and feelings that matched the way you used to think and feel when you saw in at High School, and the law has matched you to an experience of seeing him again. The experience matched your thoughts but did not contradict his.

Or maybe his way of thinking has caused him to align to this experience, and you have manifested into his reality, and similarly the experience did not contradict your vibration.

Or maybe it was random, and the joint experience did not contradict either of your frequencies.

But since then, you have noticed him, thought about him and felt about him, and you are being aligned to an experience that includes him, and as you are sharing an experience your own vibration must be a match to that experience, as must his.

That that does not mean that you have the same vibration, as someone waiting at the red light feeling annoyed and frustrated could be sharing a joint experience with you as with your pleasure and excitement you race through on green.

You have found it difficult to manifest a conversation with this person, which is obviously a desire, and of course you have used some techniques to manifest this conversation. The trouble is that as you cannot influence his noticing, thinking and feeling you cannot use this Law to influence his experience, so there is no way that you manifested a conversation between him and another woman, but your efforts probably aligned you to the experience of witnessing it. This is a subtle Law.

Unfortunately I cannot help you get him to say, "Hi". He must align to his own experiences based on what he thinks and feels, what he vibrates. All I can suggest is that you spend time attending your thoughts and feelings, and use your power to vibrate in a way that matches the experiences you would like. Let go of trying to control experiences and allow the experiences to manifest to you because you have attended to your thoughts. And the very best way to do this is to meditate.

But if you want, and if you can let go of the experience that you want, and just allow things to happen, say "Hi". It could be an interesting conversation.

John Peace

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