I Got What I Wanted!!!

by Mrs R Assur
(Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa)

A renowned skeptic of note... I was introduced to Law o Attraction a year and a half ago by my then director when I went through some financial and personal issues... All I can say now is, after creating my vision board and visualizing what I wanted and saying thank you for what I have and will receive, my now husband and I could finally get married regardless of all the negativity and obstacles we were "thrown" with (after a 7 year engagement by the way) he called me at work and told me, check your inbox, I booked a nice venue we’re getting married in 5 months, start planning :)

I was over the moon!! Other "wants" that came through shortly after we got married...

I am driving the car I wanted, I am earning the salary I told my husband I deserve and was given the job opportunity I wanted with a nice view over a dam :) He even got a raise (before the wedding) another one of my "visions" My next "vision" is to go to Berlin in next year and to move to the area my husband and I selected! :) And I know this is just a matter of belief and envisioning us already there!!! :)

My husband is an even bigger skeptic than me and he is sold on The Secret!! May good Karma be with you all!! :)

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