If in doubt go small first

by Bader

Greetings, this short story is meant for those who are trying to apply the law of attraction but didn't get what they want and starting to have doubts build up.

If the above paragraph fits your condition then you are not alone. At least I also faced the same thing.

What I tried to do is to confirm if the law works or not. So I decided to try small things that usually don't take much long to appear. And it is strongly recommended to write in your journal or any kind of log about the successes or failures.

I have two small stories:

One day at work I wanted to see a colleague of mine whom I always enjoy chatting with, but he is transferred to another unit and its unlikely that he will come to my unit.

So one day I told the universe (I would love to see "H" as I truly enjoy talking with him and I thank you for the making him come to see me). Well he didn't come but instead called me for something about his computer.

I'm a kind of computer nerd and colleagues prefer to call me for their problems instead of opening a ticket and waiting for IT tech. So I thanked the Universe for giving me an opportunity to talk to him.

The very next day "H" decided to drop by our unit for the sole reason to chat with me a bit. he said that everyone in his unit will have a meeting and he won't be interested in the subject so he came to my office instead.

The other story happened that very same day at work as well.

I was thirsty and the water cooler was out of service since Monday. I checked the fridge and couldn't find any water in there... So I told the Universe (I would like to have some water to drink. Thank you for providing me with water).

Five minutes later I went to smoke. And just as I lit my cigarette I saw one guy unloading boxes of bottled water on a trolley. I threw my cigarette and asked him (who is this water for?) He told me that it was for workers at a building site next to our unit but the company delivered more boxes than ordered so he was told to take them to store but he decided to send it to our section since he knows about the broken water cooler.

Coincidence? I think not...

Then why big things don't happen?

The answer comes in for of another question: What do you really want?

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Jan 05, 2012
So cool!
by: Anonymous

So cool!

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