The Importance of Visualization

The Importance of Visualization is understood by anyone successfully applying the Law of Attraction, the mental image is the seed of all ideas, all progress and all future development, in fact, visualization is that it is the key to all creation.

Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the image is the model, which will serve as a pattern from which all future things will emerge.

Could an architect build a building without visualization, or the engineer a machine?

It is the mental image, which is the seed of all ideas.

It is also the seed of all progress and all future development; such is the importance of visualization

As it is for the architect or the engineer, we also need to create a mental picture of our own goals and attainments.

As Haanel put it, "If we were constructing our own home, how careful we would be when we selected the material to build, yet how careless we can be when we construct our own mental home."

In meeting our own goals and desires we will do well not to underestimate the importance of visualization.

Our emotion plays a big part of any visualization exercise and it is important to start with good positive thoughts and feelings. When we feel good we can attract more feelings of feeling good.

Feelings of health, wealth, prosperity and happiness will bring to you, health, wealth, prosperity and happiness, such is the power of positive thinking.

In much the same way as feeling unwell, poor and unhappy will bring you sickness, debt and sadness, such is the power of negative thinking.

Our emotional guidance system is there to help us understand what alignment we are in.

All emotions can be categorized into two areas;

Feelings of happiness, love, abundance, joy and health are positive emotions.

Feelings of anger, fear, hatred, and poverty are feeling of negative emotions.

When we are experiencing positive emotions, we are in alignment with the universe and our visualizations become clear. However, if we try to visualize when we are out of alignment, experiencing negative emotions, our visualizations become clouded with doubt and we end up attracting more negative circumstances.

The importance of visualization is clear, but so is the role of emotion. Before beginning any visualization exercise, you should bring yourself in alignment, you should be experiencing feelings of happiness, love, abundance, joy and health.

A good way to do this is through feelings of gratitude.

Positive Affirmations of desires are more powerful when we use gratitude, to reinforce them. So we should add to our affirmation the words;

I am so happy and grateful for my life that I .....

So if I was using an affirmation to manifest my dream home, I would state my affirmation like this;

I am so happy and grateful for my life that I have been provided with the wealth and prosperity to buy my new home.

Another way would be to write down the things that you have now, that you are grateful for. By focusing on the things that we are grateful for, the Law of Attraction has no alternative, but to bring you more of the same.

And, as we begin to utilise the lessons we have learned thus far, and show gratitude for the things we attract, again, the Laws of Attraction will have no alternative, but to give us more of the same.

Its an ever growing circle of, gratitude, good things, dreams, gratitude and even more good things, over and over.

The Master Key System has been at the forefront of Law of Attraction teachings and is based on a 24 week correspondence course, written by Charles Haanal.

The importance of visualization was understood by Mr Haanel, and each lesson is followed by an exercise, where by, the student would practise visualization.

But not visualization as you would know it, more of a meditation exercise where students of the Master Key would gain full control of their conscious and sub-conscious mind.

It is the teachings of Charles Haanel that forms the spine of our own Law of Attraction Training Program, Unlock The Power of You

Check out this page for more ideas on the Benefits and Importance of Visualization or here for some really effective Positive Visualization Tips and Tools

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