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Love the site! I see you are an SBI fan - please can you give me some advice? I am the father of beautiful baby girl and husband of a wonderful woman who wants to be a stay at home mum - so I've called on the Law Of Attraction to manifest the abundance - and SBI appeared before me!

But I have some doubts that a simple info site can bring in the money. I have studied the site and still wonder how it could bring in more than just a few dollars here and there. I am relatively new to the internet and am maybe missing the point. Can it really bring in the money, even if you have no goods to sell? Do you make enough to bring a smile to your face?! Can SBI really be the direction that the Law is enticing me to follow?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

In answer to your question about “SBI being the answer you are looking for,” well it could be.

The beauty of building a Net Business, is that it has to be centered around something you know and love, and it has to be built with passion, so it does seem to go hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction.

Why does it have to be something you know and love?

Because, you will never make any money putting up a one-page site selling a product, and spending a fortune directing traffic to it.

You see, free internet traffic is the lifeblood of any net business, and without it, you will never succeed.

What SBI gives you, is the opportunity to build a niche website, based on researched, targeted keywords, that perform at the search engines, i.e. Google.

The concept my website, the, is the Law of Attraction.

But to come in the top 10 of Google for the word phrase ‘Law of Attraction’ is very difficult.

Try searching for my site with that keyword, and I think I come around number 25 to 30, not to brill for traffic.

However, my site has over 200+ pages, each specifically designed around a particular keyword, and having the right balance of content/keyword to attract search engines.

Try searching these keywords on Google and see where my site comes;

law of attraction pdf
law of attraction products
law of attraction stories
law of attraction testimonials
law of attraction affirmation

Even words, which aren’t targeted specifically to the Law of Attraction, score high for me on Google;

words of affirmation
eft positive
affirmation exercise

So, with the right niche, the right keywords, the right submission and research tools and in time, I attract plenty of Free Traffic to my site.

If you look at my home page and scroll down the page and you will see a Traffic Rank from Alexa.

At the time of writing this my site ranks number is around 450,000. That’s 450,000th out of 150 Million websites

So what does that mean in terms of visitors?

To begin with, certainly within the first year of operating, most sites would be in the ‘hump stage’, typically with 100-500 visitors p/day.

But once out of this, and operating in the top 1% of all sites (in the top million) you would expect daily numbers to be 500 to 6000.

So how do you make money?

For many sites Google Ads would provide a good source of income, $10-$30 dollars per thousand visitors.

For me, yes I do run my own training course, but I also receive checks from countless sources, Amazon for books and CDs and commission checks from various recommendations, or affiliations I have.

Does it put a smile on my face???? ;-) Yes!!

So why choose SBI?

Simply, it works.... You are not paying for just hosting, which can cost much less than the $300 dollars for SBI, you are paying for all the tools that make a site work.

Could I have built a site without SBI?

Yes I could, and I did, on a number of occasions, and those sites were consigned to the trash as soon as I learnt how to do it properly, the SBI way.

Take The SBI Video Tour, it will tell you a lot more than I can put into this message.

I also write a little About SBI on my site.

It's also worth checking out the SBI Case Studies, to see what sort of 'Niche' sites, some people have built.

I hope I have helped a little.


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