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Step Two... Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs

How did you get on with the last exercise?

I hope you completed it?

If not... I guess that the fact you did not do the exercise is one big negative to deal with here today.

So assuming that you are ready to move forward, let’s look at how to Remove Your Negative Self-Scripts and Limiting Beliefs.

But first...

A Quick Biology Lesson

There is a huge flaw in our biological make up.

Your subconscious does not think, it only accepts, it cannot decide.

Your subconscious discharges chemicals into your bloodstream every time certain circuits are activated, and you will perceive these chemicals as emotion, but your subconscious doesn’t feel, it does not know whether these chemicals are good or bad, wanted or unwanted

If you’re in debt you will be all to familiar with the dread of the arrival of the postman, the feeling of another bill, another demand and then the bill arrives, the letter is opened, you find yet another demand or final notice, and you experience the feelings of despair and depression.

This is what is happening in your body...

The event of the Postman arriving is anticipated, and the relevant circuits in your brain are activated. The corresponding chemical is released by your subconscious, and you perceive the chemical rush as emotion, as dread.

The event happens, and the post is delivered, and another circuit in your brain is activated, the corresponding chemical is released, and you perceive the chemical as emotion, as despair or depression.

But this then grows more powerfully as our bodies start to crave this chemical rush, and just like the smoker, who’s body crave the rush of nicotine or the drinker the rush of alcohol, your body is crying out for the rush of proteins that give you these emotions of dread, despair and depression. And as a result, you will keep moving towards the things your body needs.

Our subconscious, does not analyse this, it does not know that you do not want this result, why should it? After all, you are the trainer, you set this in motion by practising the event every morning, you analysed it, and passed it on, therefore it must be true.

This is why the abused, seems to move from one abuser to another, or the failure to more failure and the broken heart to the heartbreaker.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, if you cannot see that like attracts like, surely you can see that what you think you like, you will keep moving towards by default.

By your very own actions, you are what you think about.

This is why all the beliefs about you, that you listed yesterday, will keep you moving in the direction you’ve been going, until you remove them.

Step Two

Removing Unwanted Thoughts

“Positive Emotion Brings Positive Experiences”

There are many ways of dealing with these Limiting Beliefs, but for the purpose of this exercise, I am going to introduce you to the fastest, and the most effective way of dealing with any unwanted thought, it’s called EFT.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and is a tapping technique which, similarly to acupuncture, corrects the body’s energy system (But no need for pins!).

The tapping releases emotional blockages that have been created by mental or physical problems, that have occurred in the past, bringing things into balance.

Although the memory still exists, EFT removes the inability to cope, allowing the body and the emotions to heal.

Examples of energetic patterns that have been successfully cleared using EFT therapy, include fears related to performance like public speaking, emotional trauma from past war experiences and physical abuse, phobias like the fear of heights or flying, addictive patterns like eating and smoking as well as disturbing emotions like depression and anger.

Here is the trailer for a great film about EFT from my friends at The Tapping Solution

You can also sign up for a Free eBook on Tapping at The Tapping Solution.

Just follow the link for the TheTappingSolution.com, and fill out your name and email address in the form on the left hand side.

They will then send you a Free eBook on how to use EFT, called 15 Ways to Health, Happiness and Abundance!

EFT uses a precise cycle of tapping on positions over your body, whilst emotionally recognising the problem to be addressed.

It is really easy to master, but you must do this cycle in a specific way.

It’s going to look and feel a bit strange when you do it the first time, so maybe you better do it in private.

Here’s a video from Tapping.com, showing you exactly How To Use EFT, and the method behind each step.

You would follow this tapping sequence, by taking each Limiting Belief that you listed yesterday, and one-by-one go through the sequence.

For instance, in the example we used in the discovering your Limiting Belief Exercise, the intension was,

“I intend to have enough money each month
to pay all my bills, and living expenses.”

These were the beliefs, feelings and reasons, that we came up with for this not happening yet were,

  • “I don’t think that I’m that lucky...”
  • “I don’t know how I can do it... ”
  • “I don’t deserve to be that well off... ”
  • “I'm not valuable enough to earn that much money... ”
  • “I never get the breaks... ”
  • “No one will offer me that sort of money... ”
  • “I don’t want to work that hard... ”
  • “I will always have bills... ”
  • “I don’t believe that I could earn that sort of money... ”
  • “I’m not that bright... ”

So taking the first Limiting Belief, “I don’t think that I’m that lucky...” our set up would go something like this,

““Even though I don’t think that I’m lucky enough to have enough money each month to pay all my bills, and living expenses, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Now follow the tapping sequence given in the instructional video, or if your using the Free eBook from The Tapping Solution Website, follow their sequence, (they are slightly different but you’ll have the same effect).

Once you have cleared one Limiting Belief, move on to the next, and so on.

You may find that a lot of Limiting Beliefs are similar for different conditions your experiencing, but it is important to do all, maybe not all at once, perhaps spending 15 to 20 minutes each day, going through your list of Limiting Beliefs a few at a time.

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