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Five Steps To Master The
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Step Five... Letting Go

This next step is about Letting Go. This is one of the most important and most difficult step to master.

If you have followed each exercise up to now...

  • You will have Clear and Definite Goals
  • You will be getting on top of your Limiting Beliefs
  • You will be able to Emotionally Visualize your Desires.

But there is one more hurdle to get over, and this is probably the hardest part, and where most people fail at attracting the things they desire to their lives. We call this final step Letting Go.

To begin with, what do I mean by Letting Go?

It is our human nature to look for solutions, certainly without it, we would not have evolved to such intelligent and creative creatures.

In our quest to find the right ways to create our desires, we often overlook ideas and inspirations, because we are bound by our preconceived ideas of what will work or not.

We therefore set goals, and try to achieve our goals based on what we think will work, rather than just going with the flow.

When you turn things over to the universe, as you have practised up to now, you have to understand that the Universe, God, Cosmic Mind, or whatever you want to call it, sees things from a much bigger perspective than you ever could.

So you have to trust that the right opportunities, ideas and circumstances will come to you, at exactly the right moment.

I guess the best way to describe Letting Go, is having Faith And Belief that what you ask for, will come.

But Letting Go doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing, it means Taking Action, or better still, Taking Inspired Action, the kind of action that wild horse’s couldn’t keep you from.

The Dangers of Not Letting Go

If you fail to master this, then everything that you have learned up to now will be wasted, and the cycle of discovering you limiting beliefs, removing your limiting beliefs and goal setting, will have to begin again.

You see, if you do not Let Go, your goals will fail to manifest, and as we have discovered, if your goals fail to manifest, it must be down to the limiting beliefs you have.

Mind you this time, at least you would know that your limiting beliefs is not having the faith and belief that your goals would manifest, and you could go back and EFT this.

But wouldn’t it be better to get it right in the first place?

Are You Letting Go?

If you are not Letting Go you will know, as your thoughts will tell you.

When you are not Letting Go, you will hear it in your ‘Brain Chatter’ as it is demonstrated by questions like How, Why, Where and When, that seem to uncontrollably keep popping into your head.

These little thoughts can also express themselves as doubt, criticism, impatience, anger, frustration or worry, and as much as you try to knock them down, they more and stronger they seem to pop back up.

All these uncontrollable thoughts are signs that you are not letting go, and demonstrate an understandable lack of faith and belief that you are experiencing.

Abraham-Hicks have recently referred to Letting Go, as living in The Vortex.

When you are in your Vortex, you have Let Go, and you are aligned with everything you have asked for.

When you are asking How, Why, When and Where, or feeling Doubt, Impatience or Frustration, you have not Let Go and you are outside your Vortex. You are then Not lined up with the things you have asked for.

Here’s a short video from Abraham-Hicks explaining the idea of The Vortex.

Abraham-Hicks The Vortex

In this next video from Abraham-Hicks, Abraham, through Esther Hicks talks about Letting Go as allowing, and answers a question for someone who is clearly struggling with the idea of Letting Go.

Abraham-Hicks Aligning With My Veritable Fortune

The new book from Abraham-Hicks, called The Vortex is definitely worth a read, and can be found at Amazon, or any good book retailer. The Vortex: at Amazon

How To Let Go

There are a number of techniques to help you Let Go. The important thing to remember is that however you do it, you must master this....

It is absolutely essential that you find a way to Let Go, it is the secret to mastering the Law of Attraction, and without grasping this, you will never harness this power.

Letting Go Using EFT

Using EFT is an effective way to Let Go, it can be done by treating each thought as a limiting belief, and using the tapping sequence in lesson 2 to deal with it.

The draw back with using EFT, is that it is not very practical to start tapping at any given moment. In fact, I would not recommend that you Tap away at every little doubt or negative feeling, (unless you are at home).

You are probably better to save your EFT exercises to persistent negatives thoughts that you start to recognise, as you become better at monitoring your thoughts.

Letting Go Using Affirmations

Charles Haanel gives us a ready-made affirmation that is worth learning off by heart.

"I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful,
loving, harmonious and happy."

In Haanel’s book The Master Key System, he writes this passage, which I think sums up how to best use of affirmations can be made.

“Man is the sum total of his own thoughts; so the question is, how are we going to entertain only the good thoughts and reject the evil ones? At first we can't keep the evil thoughts from coming, but we can keep from entertaining them. The only way to do this is to forget them -- which means, get something for them.

This is where the readymade affirmation comes into play.

When a thought of anger, jealousy, fear or worry creeps in, just start your affirmation going. The way to fight darkness is with light -- the way to fight cold is with heat -- the way to overcome evils is with good. For myself, I never could find any help in denials. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish.”

What he is telling us to do is offer a strong positive thought, in place of a week negative thought. And as a negative cannot exist in the presence of positive, the negative thought will be replaced.

If you have followed each exercise so far, you should have a list of positive intensions that you can use, you will also have a properly constructed goal. These can be used as your strong positive thoughts, and each time a negative pops into your head, state to yourself your positive thought, and in this way your negative thoughts will be replaced.

With continued practise, you will replace all negative doubts and worries and only offer positive thought. In other words, a practised positive thought will produce a permanent positive attitude, and through your greater positivity, your goals will be manifested with greater speed.

It would also be good practise to write down your positive thoughts, and post them in places you will often see them.

By doing this, as soon as you are aware of a negative thought, you’ll have the perfect remedy in front of you.

Letting Go Using Sedona

Sedona works in a very simple way, and involves asking yourself three very simple questions, ‘Would I....’ ‘Could I...’ and ‘When...’

So a simple Sedona Exercise would go something like this....

  • "Would I let go of this feeling of __________?"
  • Could I let go of this feeling of __________?"
  • "When will I let go of this feeling?"
To understand this idea a bit better, watch the Introduction Video below.

Introduction To The Sedona Method

Could you really clear ANY unwanted thought, by just asking 3 simple questions?

I thought not, but when I first tried this, I couldn’t believe the result. I can’t really describe the physical feeling, it was almost like someone was undoing a knot in my stomach, and then..... a surreal feeling of peace.

I’ve since tried it on a number of issues, and I have to say, The Sedona Method makes you feel on top of the world. However, I can’t vouch for the long-term effects as I’m quite knew to this.

If you would like to try it, you can order a Free DVD and CD, use the link below, it will take you straight to the order page;

Receive your Fr-ee DVD and CD

I say Free, but you will have to pay about $6 Dollars P&P, slightly more if your outside the US.

Or if you would like to read up on The Sedona Method, use this link to check out Sedona.com

Letting Go Using Unlock The Power of You

Whatever method you use to Let Go, be it Affirmations, Sedona or EFT, they all work effectively.

But the absolute best way to Let Go, is by not having these negative thoughts in the first place.

I know that seems impossible, but by developing your powers of attention and concentration, you will be able to do this, at will.

It is by following the lessons in the full Unlock The Power of You program that you will use your full brainpower, to manifest anything you ever desire.

Every thought sets the brain cells in action; at first you efforts fail to materialise, but if the thought is Clear and Concentrated, your efforts are rewarded perfectly.

This influence of your mind can be exerted upon any part of your body, and can Eliminate any Undesirable Effect.

And with a perfect understanding of the laws governing your mental world, you cannot fail to succeed in each and every aspect of you life, from business to love.

It will be by looking within, instead of reacting to your external world, that you will be brought into vibration with all that is Best, Strongest and Most Desirable.

And it is your Attention or Concentration, that is probably; the most-important essential in the development of your mind.

Every successful man or woman has been able to develop their attention or concentration, in fact, it is a common quality of them all, and is the highest achievement that anyone can acquire.

To understand why it is so important for you to develop this skill, here’s a passage from Charles Haanel’s book The Master Key, which explains it perfectly.

“The power of attention can be more readily understood by comparing it with a magnifying glass in which the rays of sunlight are focused; they possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved about and the rays directed from one place to another; but let the glass be held perfectly still and let the rays be focused on one spot for any length of time, the effect will become immediately apparent.

So with the power of thought; let power be dissipated by scattering the thought from one object to another, and no result is apparent; but focus this power through attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time and nothing becomes impossible.

A very simple remedy for a very complex situation, some will say.

All right, try it, you who have had no experience in concentrating the thought on a definite purpose or object. Choose any single object and concentrate your attention on it for a definite purpose for even ten minutes; you cannot do it; the mind will wander a dozen times and it will be necessary to bring it back to the original purpose, and each time the effect will have been lost and at the end of the ten minutes nothing will have been gained, because you have not been able to hold your thought steadily to the purpose.

It is, however, through attention that you will finally be able to overcome obstacles of any kind that appear in your path Onward and Upward, and the only way to acquire this wonderful power is by practice --practice makes perfect, in this as in anything else.”

But why do you need this Power, and how can this help you Master the Law of Attraction?

You see, just one single idea could be worth Millions of Dollars, but you cannot receive these ideas until you are receptive to them, until you are tuned in and prepared to receive them, until you are in a successful frame of mind.

To Master these Laws you must place yourself in Harmony with the Universal Mind.

You must develop the basic methods and principles of thinking, and once these skills start to develop, so will the results you desire start to multiply.

Since it is your Thought that creates your Reality, it makes sense that the Stronger Your Thought is, the Better the Reality you will experience.

And this is true of anything you do, always thought first, your growth follows knowledge, your action follows inspiration and your opportunities follows perception.

It all begins with Mind.

Thought is the process by which you may absorb this power, and hold your desires in Mind, until they become part of your tomorrows.

The method of gaining this skill, and seeing the results you desire, is by the persistent practice of a few basic principles, as explained in this System.

It is by using this system that you will finally see the results you need, and Unlock The Power within You.

  • Do you want to gain the skills needed to Apply The Law of Attraction?

  • Are you ready to learn the skills needed to Master The Law of Attraction?

  • When would you like to start to apply these skills?
What Unlock The Power of You Can Do For You

I discovered this system a number of years ago, and it has allowed me to go from, on the brink of financial disaster, to manifesting everything I desired, (at the time).

But do I have everything I desire?

No, and I never will.......

This is the beauty of life, as soon as you achieve the goals that you had, you get more goals, more ambitions and more desires.

And as you achieve each goal, and move onto the next, life becomes fun.

When I first started mastering the Law of Attraction I vowed that, because I had found these ideas so difficult to grasp, I would help as many people as possible to get this.

This is why I started the Law-of-Attraction-Guide website, and why I put the Unlock The Power of You program together.

So if you are ready to move on, quickly review the next page, and then go back to the contents page to move on to the next part of section 1.

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