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Unlock The Power of You

How To Use This Course

Section One of this course deals with How the Law of Attraction Works

Each of the links on the Section One Contents Page leads to a study page, treat this like a book, i.e. Start from the beginning and progress to the end.

If you read One Chapter every day, this Section will take just over Two Weeks to complete, but please work at your own pace.

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If you do not want to spend 2 weeks on Section One, read these reports for now, and come back to Section One later.

The Law of Attraction and God

The Law of Attraction and Science

Section Two contains the Unlock The Power of You Lessons

Once you have read the Introduction Pages you will be ready to start the Unlock The Power of You, training pages.

Each training page has a video, book and audio section, with a weekly exercise to complete. Listen to Each Audio and Complete the Exercise Before Moving onto the Next

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Before you go off and start these lessons, here's an award winning film called Validate, which will definitely bring a smile to your face.


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