It Has Taken me a While......................However Here I am!

by Gerry Murphy
(Trim, County Meath, Ireland)

For 14 years now, I have been on a journey that has helped my family and I escape from violence, intimidation and poverty to awareness, prosperity, abundance and appreciation. I have discovered truths about my innate nature and the potential I have to create the life of my dreams, that resonate at a very deep level and have manifested in the most incredible ways.

In 1996, I couldn’t foresee a way out of the situation my family was in and from the depths of my soul, asked for guidance from God, Source, The Universe, whatever name you wish to use, and it came. Discovering The Law of Attraction empowered me to begin imagining a better life for me and my family and by 2003 I was in my dream home, I had richer relationships, I was healthier and financially secure.

However, I have never stopped reaching for understanding, never stopped asking questions. As a result I have read a huge number of books by various authors, living and dead, listened to hours of audio programs, gone to workshops and seminars by the dozen.

I am at the beginning phase of a new stage of my life where I am beginning to search for and link with others through sites like this, to tell my own story and try and help others gain an understanding of the possibilities of life.

Wishing you success in every part of your life.
Gerry Murphy

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Jul 20, 2011
Thank you Gerry
by: Janet

Dear Gerry,

I have read your letter with much enthusiasm and it has given me the strength to continue believing and seeking abundance. To be honest there are times I start doubting where this is all going to lead me but then I let the thought come and let it disappear and dissolve into oblivion… Your story has given me encouragement. All the best!
Janet (Kenya)

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