It Works...For Better or Worse

by Ourania
(California )

For years I'd been paranoid about wrecking my car. Instead of changing the vision to something more desirable, I'd just say no. When I'd worry, it would be brief but detailed. I saw the car coming from my right as I was driving across the street.

A couple of Saturdays ago that vision finally came to pass. As it was happening I realized that it was exactly as I had worried it. Afterwards I was a little bit frustrated, but in a way appreciative. It showed me that time doesn't matter when it comes to the LOA, but that whatever you visualize regularly will manifest. Good or bad, it will come.

It also helped me to be more deliberate about my thoughts and, and better able to accept positive images. I had always had a hard time thinking of things that I would actually want, and just let myself go for the worse so I wouldn't feel guilty. I am over that now thanks to that accident, and it's so much easier to visualize what I DO want.

Weird story perhaps, but lesson learned

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