Its Not Easy Getting Calm

by Soffyan

I tried very hard to concentrate on using the Law of Attraction to get what I want, but my main concern is my inability to be calm and meditate or whatever.

I do not have doubts in my head, but as I said, it's very hard for me to be calm because all the problems I have keep on appearing, and that really disturbs my concentration.

And when you're not really focusing on something, it's quite difficult to achieve something.

Please tell me how to easily get that calmness in you and kill that anxiety in you?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I know what you are feeling, and it is something that most people who start to meditate will go through.

This over active thinking where you jump from one branch of thought to another, not having any control over what thought will pop into your mind next, is well known, and is the starting point for most people. In Buddhism, it is called ‘Monkey Brain.’

So how do you stop it?

Before we go into that, you need to understand that it is not a failure to have not completed a meditation exercise without losing your calmness, you can never fail at this.

It is not a competition, there is no timetable, you can never fail, you can only keep trying, keep practising, and
the more you times you try, the more controlled it will be.

It is important not to judge your performance as good or bad, any meditation will benefit you, and as you have been suppressing many negative thoughts, you are bound to start uncovering them as you go into this silence. This is part of the process.

To try and gain the control you are looking for, I would practise Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation.

The Vipassana technique uses mindfulness to note every detail of your mental and physical experience from moment-to-moment, with an unbiased attitude.

This form of meditation comes from the tradition of Theravada Buddhism, which is based on a group of texts, regarded as the earliest surviving record of the Buddhist teachings.

But you don't have to be a Buddhist to practice Vipassana or benefit from developing mindfulness. It is not a religion. Vipassana is a simple and gentle technique, which will really help you to meditate more effectively.

There is a meditation manual by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana, which would really benefit you. It’s a nuts-and-bolts, step-by-step guide to Insight meditation.

Use this link to go to the UrbanDharma website and download a copy of the Mindfulness In Plain English eBook


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