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Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale, one of The Secret Teachers is a inspiring story. From a life of virtual poverty, to one of true abundance.

More than 30 years ago, before he discovered metaphysics or marketing, Joe Vitali had been swindled out of his savings and spent six months homeless sleeping in doorways in Dallas, eventually finding work in Houston and spending years in virtual poverty.

It was then that Joe started learning about the Law of Attraction, and a few years later he had published his first book, "Zen and the Art of Writing." He learned marketing while publicizing that book, and things took off from there.

Joe Vitale referring to his life states that,

The life I have right now compared to the life I had 30 years ago is so dramatically different that it feels like a past life. I want people to realize that if you keep being positive, you keep moving forward, you can get to a place that's so different from where you are now it will blow your mind.

Joe Vitale Portrait Photo

Those who have seen the film The Secret will remember Joe Vitale uttering some of the most memorable lines.

You are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David that you are sculpting is you,

The universe likes speed, meaning that to reach our goals we should take action in the very moment we feel inspired.

They now call Joe Vitale The World's First Hypnotic Marketer.

Hypnotic, because the writing style he uses grabs you, sucks you in to it's mesmerizing pull and forces you to read every word of what lays in front of you.

Marketer, because he's one of the greatest marketers of all times - consistently writing and implementing record breaking marketing strategies for himself, and his trusted clients.

Combine the two, hypnotic and marketer, and you hold the solution to one of the biggest problems in advertising today.

People are inundated with upwards of 4,000 marketing and advertising messages a day, and Dr Vitale has a golden way of being that one piece of writing that you read and take action on. He has a way of 'tuning in' to the subconscious minds of perfect clients.

Based in Houston, Texas. Joe Vitale's courses and audio seminars on sales and marketing have helped thousands of people around the globe market their businesses successfully.

Among some of Joe's clients are Doubleday Books, the American Business Women's Association and PBS Television.

He is the author of the international best-seller, the American Business Women's Association The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!The best-selling e-book Hypnotic Writing and the best-selling Nightingale-Conant audio program.

The Power of Outrageous Marketing along with numerous other works. He has written books for the American Marketing Association and the American Management Association, including The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising and There's A Customer Born Every Minute.

His most recent book, co-authored with Jo Han Mok, is The E-Code: 47 Secrets for Making Money Online Almost Instantly.

Joe has also created software, such as Hypnotic Writing Wizard and Speak and Send.

He recently created a home-study course titled, Spiritual Marketing: How to Earn $1,000,000 or More This Year Alone.

His famous marketing course is Hypnotic Selling Secrets.

Browse Joe Vitale to see an online catalogue of his books and tapes, to read dozens of free articles by him, or to sign up for his popular free e-newsletter.

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