The Secret Teachers
John Assaraf

John Assaraf was born in 1961 and spent his early childhood initially in Tel Aviv, Israel and then Montreal, Canada.

By the time he was 9, he was involved in street gang culture and his life could have easily taken an alternative route.

As a teenager, with low self-esteem and poor health, he vowed never to face the same difficulties as his parents and made it his quest to overcome his challenges and fulfil his desire to live a purposeful and meaningful life.

At the age of 19, John Assaraf left home and began his quest to find the mentors and wisdom he sought. Within 2 years he was being mentored by two of the most successful sub-franchisers of real estate offices in the world.

These two mentors taught John everything they knew about building successful companies while maintaining a healthy and balanced life. John soon became their partner and had the opportunity to turn around a failing ReMax region in Indiana.

Today ReMax of Indiana's 1,450 sales associates sell over $4 billion a year in real estate and earn more than $100 million a year in commissions.

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John Assaraf has read countless books and attended hundreds of seminars all over the world
to learn how to achieve outstanding results in life and business. Understanding the power of the mind and applying cutting edge brain research quickly became John's lifelong passion and pursuit.

In his mid 30's John applied everything he had learned about peak human behaviour and performance to create, the pioneers in Internet Virtual Tour providers. Within 14 months, went from 6 employees to over 1,600 with monthly revenues of over $8 million dollars. This company was to later merge with another Internet Powerhouse

So what is the secret of John's success?


Forming a positive mental attitude, thinking positively, nurturing your automatic positive thought and diminishing your automatic negative thought.


Concentrated thought increases the amplitude of our positive thought and vibration making it more likely that we will bring what we desire into our lives.


Persistence is the fuel to success, to continue to your goal no matter what.


Do what you need to do, take little action and get little results, take massive action and get massive results.

John Assaraf attributes success to the power of the subconscious mind and he accesses and controls his subconscious thought through concentrated visualization.

One of the stories he shares with us in the film The Secret is the power of the vision-board.

John has used vision-boards as a visualization tool for many years and in 1997, during a series of house moves, he put many of his personal belongings, including his vision[boards into storage.

Some 4 years and many moves later, having renovated his new home, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in California, John Assaraf unpacked his vision-boards and to his disbelieve, he was know living in the exact same home that he had randomly pasted on his board some years ago.

Although John Assaraf enjoys great wealth because of his business successes and lives the life most others only dream of, he remembers his humble beginnings and now devotes his life to sharing what he has learned to help others.

John's passion and warmth have made him a highly regarded entrepreneur and one of the most sought after consultants and keynote speakers in North America and Europe today.

His first book, The Street Kid's Guide to Having it All made it to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal's bestseller lists as well as #1 at Barnes and Noble.

John is now putting his experience and knowledge to use helping people Achieve Even More, using the science of mind to live a happier, wealthier and more successful life.

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