Just Get Aligned And Have Faith!

by Kevin Ocampo
(Aguascalientes, Mexico)

This year was not very good for me in terms of money. I had a lot of debts, but one day after thinking how I would pay all of them the idea of selling my car came to my mind.

At first I hadn't much faith because I'm aware of the crisis my country is living in, but I kept the idea in my mind. The days passed by and I didn't do too much to try to sell it, just some announcements in facebook and sent some offline messages to my friends, but nothing, they didn't reply or they just said "no".

But I didn't lost my faith so I decided to pay for online advertisement, that was on Thursday but I paid until Saturday. When I was back home, a few minutes later while I was outside putting a "$" in the rear window of my car, one of my neighbours passed by in his car and stopped right next to me and asked "how much for the car?" I said the price but he wondered and told me that he wanted to see the car. Finally we reached an agreement, I didn't receive as much as I wanted, but even that money was more than enough. I was like "oh God! if I had known, I didn't pay for the ad!"

I was very surprised because I sold my car very fast! It took me like one and a half week to sell it while other people have up to six months trying to sell their cars.

But the story doesn't end here! The next Wednesday I received an e-mail from the company I paid for to publish my car telling me that they had problems with the pictures and they couldn't publish my car on time so as gratification they published my car with the premium service at the price of the basic that is the one I paid for; and that is not all yet! They also gave me a refund and now I have balance in my favor to publish more articles!

The morality of this story is that you must get aligned to your wishes, do whatever is necessary! That is what "receiving" is all about.

Thanks for reading.

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