Law of Attraction And Abundance

Law of Attraction and abundance is a birthright, it is in tune with the creative principal, while lack and limitation is not.

There is only one creative principal in the universe, whatever you choose to call it...

Universal Mind, Cosmic Mind, Source Energy or God.

And it is the creative principal's desire that you experience prosperity and success.

This however is not a demand as you are blessed with free will.

It is certainly not a desire of this universal principal that you experience lack, limitation or suffering. However, any lack of any kind does not go against this principal, as you are free to create any condition you desire.

You are a part of this Universal Mind, and always shall be. You can never sever your connection to Universal Mind, but if you believe it to be severed, it will appear that way to you.

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As you are a part of Universal Mind, you have the same power and qualities that it has, "When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God." Genesis 5:1. You can therefore create any condition or experience you want in your life.

You are a creator and you create through thought. You think, and the things you think about become objective things to you.

This Infinite Intelligence is in all places at all time. It follows then that Infinite Intelligence exists in mind, as mind exists within it, "For in him we live and move and have our being." Acts 17:27.

Every thought is a creative process and exists within Infinite Intelligence. All Mind is One Mind.

The Law of Attraction and abundance principles are always at work. What you have, you have attracted by your predominate habit of thinking.

Using the Law of Attraction and abundance laws you do not attract your wishes or what you visualize, you attract what you believe.

Through the Law of Attraction and abundance law your external experiences mirror your internal beliefs and vibration.

It is your choice, your power and you may have as much or as little as you like.

You choose what you think, what to believe and what you do, and these choices you make, through the Law of Attraction and abundance law, determines what you get.

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Law of Attraction and abundance is a birthright, it is in tune with the creative principal, while lack and limitation is not.

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