Law of attraction and Letting Go

by LW

I was seeing a guy who I know is the one I want to be with but he got a job overseas and moved. We both agreed that we didn't want to do long distance but landed up chatting everyday and basically doing just that. I offered to move over and he said he didn't want me to give up my life, family and job because I would land up resenting him.

I was very hurt that he didn't want to try so I stopped contacting him and deleted him from communication channels such as facebook etc to avoid dwelling on the lack of him in my life. He’s contacted me three times since then and although I chat back to him, I don't want to start communicating everyday because that then makes me feel the lack of him being physically present in my life and lack of him being in a relationship with me.

I truly believe we will be together, but I’ve let go of the worrying about the how or the where. I’ve been focused on me and doing things that make me happy. This has made other men attracted to me, and have gone out on a date with someone else.

Am I confusing the universe by dating someone else if I only want to be with one guy in the future? Or it is ok to move on and be content until the universe brings me who I really want?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You are doing all the right things to help you to let go, focusing on yourself and doing things to make you happy.

I would also suggest that you list the good stuff that you have in your life, and spend some time focusing on what you like, you do this to help you cope with negative emotion by replacing the thought of what you have that is good, to a thought of what you are feeling negative about, shifting your vibration from a negative one to more positive.

And no, you cannot confuse the Universe, you know what you want, and as you know what you want, the Universe knows what you want, all you need to do is take the opportunities and situations that are brought to you to take you to where you want to be.

Think of the Universe as being a plate of food. How many people do you know that when eating their plate of food, leave the things they most like to the end. I’ve seen my children do this and I’ve asked, is there something wrong with this, “Oh no,” they reply, “I’m saving the best till last.” There is no confusion there at all.

What I have trouble understanding is why you have put up barriers to this person.

Although I believe that all the effort to be, do and have anything you wish, takes place in mind, when you have aligned to the things you have attracted, it seems that you have turned away from them. Of course, this does not matter as your reality will always represent what you most think about and feel, but I don’t understand why you have not followed this guy.

I know that he turned down your offer of being with him, but he did this because he didn’t want you to make sacrifices, it wasn’t that he didn’t want you. And as your reality will represent your thoughts and feelings, you were never offering to give things up, it was quite the opposite as you would have to create more things.

Interestingly, he didn’t want you to give things up to follow him as he has a fear of you resenting him, isn’t it strange how our fears manifest, as you are now resenting him for not wanting you there.

I know that you feel that you will end up together, but as you are now the source of what he fears, I am not sure that he’ll be so patient, and as you cannot change his thoughts, whether you end up together isn’t entirely under your control.

You’ve heard the saying that it takes two to Tango, well there is nothing so true, as to be together you must manifest a matching experience to the thoughts of each other, A dance of thought, vibration, manifestation and experience, and as you had Tangoed so well, maybe you need to drop your shields and get back on the dance floor.

Remember, you do not need anyone’s approval to follow your dreams, and as much as you try to keep other happy, or try to protect yourself from other peoples opinions, you limited your experiences.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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