Law of Attraction And Long Distance Love

by Rosa

Hello my boyfriend and I have been together for three years, and it hasn’t been easy because I have had a lot of . We have broken up a lot and each time we have, I try to use the Law of Attraction to get him back. It has worked but I never really learned how to take my negative sides out completely.

I love this man dearly and he loves me to. Except he was tired of the constant fighting and decided to end it because he is leaving to go to North Carolina for school. He will be gone for about 1.5 year or 2 years.

I really truly believe that we are meant for each other. But I really want to change myself for the better and get back together with him. He says he still loves me and wants to stay friends but he just doesn’t want to be in an intimate relationship, as he wants to be alone when he goes to North Carolina.

What can I do to get my man back?

I really want this to be the last and final time we ever leave each other. I want us to be happy, like we once were, and dream of the life we have always wanted.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

To align to any experience by using the Law of Attraction, you need to align vibrationaly to having that experience now, and when you do, the most cooperative circumstances, events and people will become part of your reality.

By cooperative, I mean those circumstances, events and people that vibrationaly cooperate with your reality, as well as there own.

This is the whole principle of the Law of Attraction, as each of our realities vibrationaly match our thoughts and feelings. This is why you cannot manifest an experience for someone else, unless the experience you manifest, also matches the experience they manifest.

So when it comes to relationships, there is absolutely no point in applying the Law of Attraction to be with another specific person, as you have no control over their thoughts and feelings, and ultimately no control over their experiences.

The only power you have, is the power to align to the relationship you desire, and you do that by thinking and feeling that the relationship you desire is in fact, a fact, and by matching your thoughts and feelings to the thoughts and feelings that you would have, if you were in this ideal relationship now.

It is by ‘pretending’ that your desire was here now, and matching your thoughts to the existence of your desire as a now reality, that your reality tomorrow, will be a match for your desires.

Although I say that you cannot manifest in another’s reality, and that you cannot apply the Law of Attraction to be with a specific person, this is not to say that your perfect relationship is with someone else other than your boyfriend.

All I am saying is that to experience something, you have to think and feel like that something was happening now, and when you do, the best circumstances, events and people will become part of your reality, so that a match for your thoughts, as well as a match for the thoughts of the people involved, can be found,.

If you wish to experience the perfect romantic relationship, what will your thoughts and feelings be when the perfect romantic relationship exists?

Once you can identify with these thoughts and feelings, and you can predominantly focus your thoughts and feelings as a match to this experience, this experience will have to be manifested.

But will this experience be with your boyfriend?

This is not something that anyone can answer as no one is able to know his predominant focused thoughts and feelings. However, as he has been a cooperative part of an ideal relationship with you, it is very possible that the manifested reality of your ideal relationship, may include him.

The trick though, is to focus your vibration to the experience, not to the circumstances, events or the person, as this will often work against you.

Why does it work against you?

Because as you focus your thoughts and feelings to a specific circumstance, event or person, and as you notice the lack of the circumstance, the event not taking place, or the person not cooperating, you feel the lack of the experience you desire, and as you have a vibration of the lack of what you want, the Law of Attraction only serves to align you to a reality of more lack.

This is why ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ are not vibrations that align to the reality of having. This is because to ‘want’ something, or to ‘need’ something, you must be without it, and as you are focusing on being without a desire, your reality will also be one of being without.

Whilst aligning to a desired experience is an important step to changing your reality, it is just as important, if not more important, to align to your now experience, as it is.

It is often the case that many people put so much effort into a new desired experience, yet spent the majority of their time not liking the experience they already have.

This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks they have, as it is by condemning, complaining about and being unhappy with, a current reality, that only serves to reproduce more experiences to condemn, to complain about, and to be unhappy with.

You see, the Law of Attraction aligns to your experience, the most cooperative circumstances, events and people, that match your thoughts and feelings. And if you think and feel about something unwanted, you include that unwanted into your future experience.

Gratitude is the biggest tool you have, to get out of an unwanted experience, because as you practise and focus on what you are grateful for, more things will come to you, to feel grateful about.

You can use gratitude to deal with your emotional and self-esteem issues, to help you become more positive, and to change yourself for the better.

You can also use gratitude to remove the experience of disagreements and arguments from you life, and ultimately end the experience of unwanted break-ups.

As a first step to applying the Law of Attraction gratitude is a powerful tool, but it is an even more powerful life tool, that will totally change your life for the better.

Get yourself a notebook, and write on the front, “Things I Like Best About…”

On the first page, start a list of all the things you like best about Yourself.

On the second page, start a list of all the things you like best about your Life.

On the third page, start a list of all the things you like best about your Family.

On the fourth page, start a list of all the things you like best about your Job.

On the fifth page, start a list of all the things you like best about your Friends.

And keep going with a new page for anyone or anything that you are feeling negative about.

It doesn’t matter if you can only write one thing down for now, just keep thinking, and keep adding to your “Things I Like Best About…” book.

Each morning and each evening, regardless of what’s happened that day, read through your book, and contemplate the good feelings of what you like best.

If more positive thoughts or events come to mind, add them to your book.

Now you are aware of some positive feelings, you will need to become a little more aware of how you are feeling. Are you feeling good, or are you feeling bad?

If you are feeling bad, what are you feeling bad about, your Life, your Romance, your Family or your Job?

Whichever it is, simply repeat your list about that particular situation and try to feel the good feelings, or if it is a new situation, start a new list.

Whenever you face an experience that is not positive, simply switch your thoughts to the positives parts of that experience.

If you are feeling lonely, repeat to yourself and feel to yourself, “the things you like best about being alone ……”

If you are feeling negative about yourself, repeat to yourself and feel to yourself, “the things you like best about yourself ……”

If you are angry with someone, repeat to yourself and feel to yourself, “the things you like best about this person ……”

Adjust your vibration to the very best of what’s on offer, and the very best of what is available will keep showing up.

If you follow this through, you will start to shift your thoughts and feelings towards the positive. Once you are feeling positive, you will experience more positive things.

But more than that, when you shift your focus to a positive, you will no longer suffer with emotional and self-esteem issues, and change yourself for the better.

And when your reality changes, and you become romantically involved with someone, by focusing on the positive aspects of your boyfriend, you will not have to suffer the reality of disagreements and arguments, and ultimately end the experience of unwanted and unnecessary break-ups.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Hope I could a reply NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm in a long distance relationship however everytime I feel lonely or feel bad about my fiance I can think positive but as he is a scientist he is apart of social networking life so he does not call or text me frequently that hurts me. So how could I be positive in this aspect??

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