Law of Attraction And Spending My Last Dollars

by Lisa

Here is where I get tripped up. Lets say I really want to buy some stuff and I only have, oh lets say $30.00 left in my checking account, and another week until I get paid again.

Should I just go ahead and buy the stuff I want, and then just trust that the next week I will be taken care of?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

This can be really tricky, and I really understand where you are coming from. So let’s try and take it a step or two back, before I can help you make sense of this.

To begin with you have to accept that the Law of Attraction, brings everything you experience, as a harmonious match to your vibration.

Once you have accepted that as fact, you can then say, that if you have an unwanted experience, then you must have a vibration that attracted that unwanted experience.

Therefore, when it comes to money, if you have a reality of not enough money, then you must have a vibration of not enough money.

So what do I mean by vibration?

Your vibration is the acumination of your focused thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

So to change your experience, you must change your vibration, which means changing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Now traditional, many Law of Attraction teachers will tell you to emotionally visualize your desires in order to attract them, which is fine, and certainly does go some way to change the way you think and feel about money.

But when you are experiencing a reality that puts you in a position of not having enough money to see you through, then you go quickly back into the vibration of fear and worry, and the whole point of the visualization is lost.

In fact, it can be more than lost, it could actually be making things worse.

How could visualizing your desires make things worse?

Because you are putting an emphasis on what you want, and because you have fear and worry, you are noticing that you still don’t have what you want, this then causes you to feel impatience, doubt and frustration. And as impatience, doubt and frustration are vibrational frequencies of ‘without’, the more ‘without’ you experience.

Another technique many Law of Attraction teachers suggest, is giving, or spending money, with a mindset of abundance.

Again, in principle fine, you spend money with the mindset of money coming back to you, but when it doesn’t come back straight away, you can easily start to feel impatience, doubt and frustration, and then, as we have seen, the more ‘without’ you experience.

Therefore, as at the moment you have a reality of not enough money, then for
the moment, you must have a vibration of not enough money, and as that is your vibration now, can you really spend this $30 and not feel any more worried? And if you could, how long before the feelings of impatience, doubt and frustration creep in?

The very fact that you are asking this question gives you a clue of your comfort levels with this…

So what to do?

It is clear that when it comes to money, you must have some thoughts and feelings that is causing you to experience lack, and as it is our thoughts and feelings that bring all our experiences, it is just as clear that if you changed your thoughts and feelings, you will change your experience.

But it will be an almost impossible task for you to suddenly move from a vibration of lack, to a vibration of abundance.

It would be much more value if you start to get some satisfaction of where you are now, and to do that I would start to look for all the positive things about now, whilst looking forward to the positive things of the future.

If you are worried about your finances, remove the worry by setting up payment plans, and budget plans, and start to concentrate on all the positive aspects of your current reality, whilst looking forward to an adequate amount of money coming to you.

Make list of everything that is good in your life. When it comes to money, write down all the good aspects that this experience of lack has brought you.

What have you learned?

What have you appreciated?

What has been brought to you?

And when any negative thought enters your mind, repeat your list of positives, putting on the end.. “won’t it be nice when have ________________, in my life.” (just fill in your desires).

And when you come across something you really want to buy, but you have not got enough money, buy this thing in your mind. Pick it up in the shop, say to yourself, “I’m going to have this,” then as soon as you get to your home, write down exactly what it is that you are going to have. Describe it in detail, color, shape, price, size etc. Maybe even get some pictures of these things and paste them on a board.

Take this step-by-step, slowly shift your vibration, then as things start to move, as they surely will, you will build the confidence and faith, and then you will see that you can attract anything you desire.


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