Law of Attraction And Violent Relationships

by Sarah Rubalcava
(Tx )

Me and my Babydaddy have been together for almost 3 years.. We become high school sweet hearts, and I knew in that moment he was the one. After the baby I noticed him being more aggrieved and it made me worried, cause everyone tells me.. "Once he puts his hands on you, he will keep doing it." Of course I got worried and it started getting into a routine. He slapped me and I left, but I know for a fact we still love each other. I know he still thinks of me.

I catch myself always thinking about him. I want him to change for the better and I want us to grow together as a family.. I try to stay positive and make myself believe that everything will work in my favor. But when he comes over to see the baby, he starts being really rude and makes me doubt.

What do I do? What's the next step for me?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction aligns experiences to us to match the way we predominantly think and feel, not an easy thing to hear when you have been abused, and I can understand that anyone in your situation will tell me that you did not think about being hurt, nor did you think about being disrespected and slapped.

But you did……

Of course you did not think about wanting this experience, but you did give his resentment some thought, you did notice and think about this part of him that you did not like, so much so that you talked to others who told you, "Once he puts his hands on you, he will keep doing it." Adding belief and worry, even anticipation of more poor treatment.

You added what you did not like about him to the way you think and feel, offering him a choice. He could either become a match to what you were thinking and feeling, or he could leave your vibration as he was unwilling to become a cooperating part of what you believed and felt.

How do I know this, simply by the fact you experienced it, and we can’t experience a thing without the experience matching the way we think and feel.

Yes I admit that he offered you a behavior in the first place, a behavior which you may not have been thinking about, but it is how you have reacted to the way he behaved that has led you to a place that how you think, and how he behaves, cooperate with the way you both think and feel.

Of course you want to see a change in the way be acts, but the only way to see this change is to focus on, thinking about, and feeling what you like best about him, for focusing on what needs change will only manifest an experience that you want to change.

You may have both aligned to this, but that never gave him the right to treat someone in the way he has treated you, and by moving your attention away from what he has become, and offering your thought to what you desire, you can begin to change what you experience.

You have the power to create your own reality, and by focusing on what makes you feel good, you can start to make sure that you align to what is good.

Only allow him to visit you and your baby in a controlled environment, somewhere you can feel no fear or worry about his actions or inappropriate behavior.

Start to focus on the parts of him that make you feel good, whilst giving your attention to what you would like to see sometime in the future. And when you fear him, worry about him, or get frustrated or angry with him, think about the things you like best, so that these negative thoughts don’t dominate your thoughts and emotions.

I would also suggest that you make visitation a condition of him getting some anger management counseling, if he is serious about being a father, he will, albeit reluctantly.

You may also like to follow my The Unlock The Power WorkBook, it will take you through a step by step method of changing your thoughts.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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