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The Law of Attraction Blog

Real World by Harsha Baz

The sound of silence blew my mind The colors of white made me blind I was asleep till I closed my eye and Then my soul confessed that the real world

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The Magic Word by William Gann

Hi everyone check out this ebook on the largest book retailer William Gann was a shriner or a freemason and he built all the shriner hospitals. this

Continue reading "The Magic Word by William Gann"

I can't do this another 25 years.

When I was in high school, I would see this guy at the train station very often. We never spoke; we just stared at each other and went about our business.

Continue reading "I can't do this another 25 years."

Law of Attraction

After the oceans of queries Entered and exit the pathetic point Millions of emotions Folded and unfolded within the creepy heart After the bundles of affairs

Continue reading "Law of Attraction"

Watching Addiction in a Loved One

Hello John, I wrote you approximately 3 years ago concerning my daughter. We discussed the 5 years she had been in recovery. She was struggling. Turns

Continue reading "Watching Addiction in a Loved One"

Little things I have attracted

I first discovered the Law of Attraction when I found the book The Secret in my cousin's room and read it. I was an upcoming college freshman that time

Continue reading "Little things I have attracted"

Anything and I mean anything is possible.

I came across the LOA quite a few years ago and like many I had a go at it, I just thought of it as some kind of gimmick that would be fun to try, of course

Continue reading "Anything and I mean anything is possible."

Why Didn't Manifestation Happen

I am a married woman 60 years old. I have grown up with the Law of Attraction via my parents. I have manifested things before and when something is really

Continue reading "Why Didn't Manifestation Happen"

The luckiest girl in the world!!!

I am infinitely thankful for : - Incredible parents and sister. - Wonderful opportunities to learn and grow throughout my life. - How things ALWAYS work

Continue reading "The luckiest girl in the world!!!"

Grateful or everything

I am so grateful for each and every moment of life, its amazing with so many wonderful things around us. I am so grateful for having perfect job where

Continue reading "Grateful or everything"

LOA worked even when I didn't know about it

Two years ago I went on vacation with my mother for a month and we went around visiting relatives and family. There was one friend that my mother was skeptical

Continue reading "LOA worked even when I didn't know about it"

Using The Law of Attraction When He Is Living With Another Woman

How can I visualize being with a man who is currently in a relationship with another woman? He calls me daily but yet returns to her. The law of attraction

Continue reading "Using The Law of Attraction When He Is Living With Another Woman"

Thank you

Thank for for having a roof over my head. I wonderful room mate and my job. I love the great friends in my life. I am grateful for the many opportunities

Continue reading "Thank you"

Healing Relationship with a Particular Person

I want your help regarding a problem which I myself am not understanding. There is this guy at my workplace, and we became really close to each other over

Continue reading "Healing Relationship with a Particular Person "

Law of Attraction Marriage & Miscarriage

I am new to law of attraction. I think I understand it fairly well but application does not always happen. Me and my husband have been married for 7

Continue reading "Law of Attraction Marriage & Miscarriage"

Attracting A Future Romance

I am 30 with in the month of September I have finished a 6 month contract singing on a cruise ship, ended a 2 and a half year relationships with a guy

Continue reading "Attracting A Future Romance"

Law of Attraction Concerns

I have few concerns please help me get rid of it...and wat should I do get out of it. 1)As per your instructions I went on a path where I always think

Continue reading "Law of Attraction Concerns"

Law of Attraction And Autism

I have just recently subscribed to your website and system. I have just finished reading the first day's lesson. I have had a bit of exposure to this

Continue reading "Law of Attraction And Autism"

How Do You Tackle Your Work? by Edgar Guest

“You can do as much as you think you can, But you'll never accomplish more; If you're afraid of yourself, young man, There's little for you in store. For

Continue reading "How Do You Tackle Your Work? by Edgar Guest"

Money DOES Grow on Trees!

I lost my job two years ago, and as you might imagine, I was very distressed. We were living paycheck to paycheck as it was, and with two kids in college

Continue reading "Money DOES Grow on Trees!"

Law of Attraction And Using Affirmations

I wanted to ask you what affirmation you would use to build faith and embed it in the subconscious mind. Is there something on the website to help me with

Continue reading "Law of Attraction And Using Affirmations"

Through appreciation, illness was seen to be a healing experience

I woke in the early hours of Sunday morning feeling nauseous. I spent the whole day lying completely still as any movement made me feel dizzy and faint.

Continue reading "Through appreciation, illness was seen to be a healing experience"

Letting go of what we think is the best outcome

Many years ago on a month long teaching practice, I was allocated to a class of 7 year olds. The teacher, Mrs M, appeared friendly in the staff room but

Continue reading "Letting go of what we think is the best outcome"

Opportunities line up behind the scenes

Having taught Biology for many years, I had been out of teaching for a time to raise two daughters and get qualifications in Psychology. Going through

Continue reading "Opportunities line up behind the scenes"

The subtle difference between gratitude and appreciation

I really appreciated this clip from Abraham-Hicks. For some time I had realised that my gratitude was really relief that things could have been worse

Continue reading "The subtle difference between gratitude and appreciation"

Are requests really premonitions?

A few months ago I decided it was time to get back in circulation and buy a car. I'd sold mine the year before as I couldn't then drive due to back and

Continue reading "Are requests really premonitions?"

What Appeared To Be Obstacles Were Really Stepping Stones

A few years ago, needing to relocate for a career move, I put my house on the market in May and started looking for a property to buy. I was immediately

Continue reading "What Appeared To Be Obstacles Were Really Stepping Stones"

Doing less achieves better outcomes

Two years ago I was unable to drive as I hurt my back and both wrists. My 10 year old car with low mileage sat rusting on the driveway for many months.

Continue reading "Doing less achieves better outcomes"

Can it really be this easy? Apparently so.

Last year I put an arbour in my garden to support climbing plants and hanging baskets. It is a great pleasure. I noticed that it drew the eye through

Continue reading "Can it really be this easy? Apparently so."

Law of Attraction And Attracting A Specific Reality

You say that You attract to your life whatever you give your focused attention and energy to, whether wanted or unwanted. Your focused attention and energy,

Continue reading "Law of Attraction And Attracting A Specific Reality"

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