Law of Attraction Causing Separation

by Jay
(Miami, Florida, USA)

A few years ago my brother and best friend passed away. Before that I was never much into relationships more than having a friend to mingle with and go to movies and other events - as I was really career focused.

After his passing, I thought the best way to deal with the pain was to get involved in something serious. Well, I did and needless to say, it was a very rough relationship.

We now have two kids. After I got pregnant with the first I kind of forced the marriage - even though he proposed months earlier (But after he proposed, I was not really allowed to discuss the wedding or even ask him questions about it, without him being agitated). I think he may have proposed to keep the relationship going a bit longer.

Many things have happened and I declared that this year, was a year of change.

I found the LOA in January and have been using it heavily, and have been seeing astoundingly great results!

I am very excited, and because of this I am feeling better and happier and no longer using the relationship as a crutch. So, I would say because of this me, and my significant other, have separated, once again - through my force.

He says that he does not want a divorce and until recently he has never claimed our marriage (which did hurt and was the main reason why I wanted the separation), but now that leaves me a little confused.

He is seeing others, as he saw others even while we were together over the past 6 years. And I do see great potential in him, that is why I choose to be with him instead of others. However, he is not very kind to me and I rather not see him all the time, because he can get so angry. Potential is great, but I see that he has to pull it out himself.

As a person, he is great but a little stingy with time, affection and money. He is loving towards the kids and does provide for them the best he can, but as far as me and him, he wants me to play the dominant role in terms of money, and the feminine role for all the household duties.

I now know what type of a relationship I want, which he does have the potential to deliver, but maybe it is best for me to focus on the man I want for me, and my family, and less on his possibilities.

We will always have good relations as far as the kids are concerned, but my question is how should I proceed?

don't want to push something again then regret it because I didn't give it enough time, however I cannot wait around forever, especially when I see that he is doing other things with others.

Please advise, I just want to make the best decision for me, and my family.

Thanks kindly,

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Your husband was the answer to your ‘asking’ in the beginning, and now that you have dealt with your pain, and identified your need for change, change is what you’ll get.

You went into this relationship for something ‘serious’ to deal with pain, your vibration was pain, and your anticipation was ‘something serious,’ but you were never dealing with your pain, you were just attracting more pain to your vibration.

I would even go as far to say that your declaration of a year of change is probably when you finally decided to draw a line under your pain, and deal with it.

You say that he has great potential, but don’t we all. Everyone has potential to be something they are not, but do we have a right to expect anyone to change to meet our expectations?

After all, what can you do with potential?

You can’t marry it, talk to it, cry with it or laugh with it. Potential is just a way of saying what you don’t like about someone, and if they weren’t like that, I would like them more.

Not a great basis for a loving relationship.

So, what do you want?

What is your dream? What is your goal?

I suspect that you want a loving, harmonious and romantic relationship. A relationship where two people share interest, as well as appreciate each other’s contrast. A relationship where you can share love, as well as companionship, and where you are an inseparable team, in all that you face.

If this is what you want, you can’t look back into the past to get it, if it wasn’t there in the first place, what makes you think that you’ll find it there now?

You must look into relationships coming that will give you your wants, not into relationships passing that never did.

If you want Love, Harmony and Romance, live a life of Love, Harmony and Romance, if you want a relationship of Kindness and Sharing, live a life of Kindness and Sharing.

Once you learn to live in the spirit of already having these things, they shall become your experience. When, where and how, know one knows, but with trust and faith, it will most definitely come, after all, it’s Law.


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