Law of Attraction Concerns

I have few concerns please help me get rid of it...and wat should I do get out of it.

1)As per your instructions I went on a path where I always think positive and try hard to retain that skill but somehow don't know why suddenly a negative thought comes in, in the similar manner as an advertisement which pops on your screen whenever u visit any site.....and don’t know that single thought sometimes immediately becomes reality in spite of not focusing or putting energy on is this happening and then main concern remains that my full positive effort on the thing went in vain whereas that single negative thought succeeded.

Please help me what should I do with do I get rid of it. In spite of putting whole Energy and focus on positive thought as well enjoying them, that single negative thought wins

2)My second concern is (this doesn't happen every now and then but still sometimes it does take place)
the issue is that whatever I think and make a picture of it, instead of happening what I dreamt of; the reverse of it happens.....

I will give you a single example to give you an idea of both my concern in this single example itself

“ In the first week of May my closest friend whom I am planning to attract him towards me had come to meet me and the night before we had a very good chat and decided to meet in some I started dreaming/seeing the place we will visit ..the place where we will sit (bench), the way we will talk, bla bla...but next day while he was on his way he told me that he feels like having fish in Mumbai (since he stays in Pune), so I also planned for a restaurant dinner and when we were discussing the time to meet....suddenly a negative thought popped up saying 'hope he doesn't cancel our garden meet for the dinner' ....and immediately he messaged me that it won’t be possible to go to garden and we will go only for dinner.....I got hurt badly because of that single negative thought and also note that whatever I dreamed of our garden visit nothing such thing happened instead we ended up in some restaurant.....

Though I thank GOD for such a wonderful meet but still I had dreamed of a Garden Visit...why didn't that happen??

John please explain the theory/fact behind this..

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Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply
by: John

I do not feel that you should feel negativity towards a negative thought. Negative thoughts are there to serve you, they are there to help you adjust your vibration to match your desires rather than the lack of your desires, and each time you think a negative thought, be grateful that you are so in tune with your positivity that, as soon as you think or feel something that contradicts your positive vibration, you are aware of it and can adjust your thoughts immediately.

Understand that without negative thoughts there are no positive ones, rather like the contrast between hot and cold or darkness and light, and this contrast allows you to choose your preferred experience.

If you enjoy a warm bath, would you condemn the cold tap for producing cold water?

I never instruct anyone to be positive, instead I instruct people to choose a positive thought that serves them, rather than entertaining a negative thought that leads them away from the things they desire. But that does not mean that the negative thought will never exist, neither does it mean that the negative thought can be destroyed, but it does mean that by practicing a positive thought and choosing to think that thought when a negative idea comes to mind, your vibration changes from a low negative vibration to a high positive one.

When it comes to attracting a particular experience, you really need to get out of your way….

The Law of attraction will attract to you a match for your most focused thoughts, i.e, what you think about most and what you feel about most, will cause circumstances and opportunities in your life to help you to think and feel in the same way.

If I wanted to attract an experience I would think and feel as though that experience already existed, and then go about my day. You are not only trying to create the event but you are trying to create the circumstances, the opportunities and the people in these events, so that the event will happen exactly as you desire it.

This sort of micro management will not serve you as you have no control over people, opportunities and circumstances, you only have control over your thought, and the more you try and micro manage your life, the more you will align to circumstances and opportunities that you feel need micro managing. As you have been finding.

With gratitude,

John Peace

by: Anonymous

Id the dream of the garden about c?

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