Law of Attraction Confusion

I learned about the Law of Attraction more than a year ago. I started to be more positive and grateful person, I realized how many “things” I have in my life and by remembering LOA, my life became better in many ways.

But predominantly I wanted to “use” the Law of Attraction in relationships. After becoming aware of LOA I made a list of my ideal partner, I wrote about how he looked, how he behaved, how he behaved to me, what we did together, how we loved each other… And when meeting somebody, who was different from it, I said thanks that I have a partner who is… (opposite of the bad character).

Writing this list and thinking of “this man” caused, that a man who I liked at that time (we were not in real relationship) and who didn’t behave much like I wanted my partner to do and I wanted to change that state, slowly went out my life and made me realize that it was only good for me. But right after that I met a man, whom I can’t forget.

First to tell you, we don’t know each other (we’ve never talked to each other). But since first look it was so different and amazing. When we first looked in each other’s eyes, there wasn’t anything else, everything around was like blurred and it was “never ending”. After that we met few times and each time it was the same, we both long looking at each other like frozen and amazed, nothing around. It never happened to me with anybody (even anybody whom I was dating then), therefore it took my attention pretty much, and obviously because of the feeling being so nice.

Although we don’t know each other, I every time have a feeling like I have known him for long time. I started to think of him more and more, and in connection with LOA and the list as well. I started to think that he might be somebody whom I met according to my wish. But I didn’t want to think of a particular person, I didn’t want to give to him "a face” and thought that if we should meet again, we would.

And we did on and on. And it made me happy, I thought of him more, I imagined that he was with me, I “talked” to him, “welcomed” him at home, I was grateful that "he’s with me" when I was sad… And we were meeting more often, looking at each other like every time, I felt great.

Then I started to think that he might have a girlfriend, he is such a nice man, obviously he has a great job, seems nice… And for no surprise for you, I met him with his girlfriend (after about a year of us meeting, never before). They didn’t look much in love, I thought maybe it could be just a neighbor, friend… But I couldn’t stop thinking of it and met them again together when she behaved more like his girlfriend, he not, he even didn't look at her.

After that I said to myself that I don’t want to think of him if he is dating somebody, even when he may not be happy in his relationship (and that's what only he knows), that I don’t want to mix into his life as I’m probably somebody redundant and forced myself not to think of him.

You more than probably know what it caused – that we haven’t met since. I again came back to that I shouldn’t think of somebody particular and “give to the ideal man a face” but I can’t stop thinking of him. The problem is, that each time I think of my ideal man being with me, I see him and it immediately sends me a reminder - don’t think of him, he has a girlfriend, you don’t want to get into situation like this. As I couldn’t stop thinking of it, I at least wanted to change my feeling (I didn’t feel pretty well inside, you know), therefore I came back to being grateful at least for the feeling I had when meeting him, I remind myself how I felt great and happy and cheered and each time I say thank you for that, thank you for making me feel that way, thank you universe for making me meet somebody, who can make me feel like this, for making me realize, that I can feel like this with somebody…

But it still doesn’t help me with thinking of “the one” without bad feelings and qualms. Beside that I’m happy as I am, I enjoy being on my own, I spend my time as I want to with activities, which make me happy, as much as I can, I’m grateful for things I have in my life, for sun shining, for clouds in the sky, for everything I managed, even for painful experience or relationships, that let me go a step further and made me stronger and mature. But I don’t know how to handle this side of my life.

Aged almost 30, I admit that the responsibility partly lies on my previous bad relationships (i.e. kind of fears) and not being fully patient, and that is something I’m continuously trying to do something with (and it’s not easy). I don’t know whether to think that meeting him with his girlfriend was a sign that I should give it up, that I’m on bad way or sign that I took it to myself with my bad thoughts and that I should believe more.

Would you have any advice what to do what to change or what you would do in my shoes to bring the partner for whole life?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

One of the reasons that many people find it so difficult to ‘attract’ their ideal reality, is the way we have been taught to think about the past and the future.

In relationships, this can be demonstrated quite well if we take the example of someone who has had more than their fair share of poor relationships.

In such a case, it would not be to surprising if, when thinking about these poor relationships, such a person would have feelings of resentment and pain. It would also not be to surprising that this persons thoughts and feelings towards a new relationship, would be dominated by fear and worry.

Now, as the Law of Attraction aligns to our reality a match to our focused thoughts and feeling, in this example, the focused thoughts of resentment and pain for past experiences, combined with thoughts of fear and worry about the future, it would be most likely that this person would attract a partner that would cause them to feel more resentment, pain, fear and worry.

This is why forgiveness and gratitude, along with affirmations and visualizations are all such powerful tools to help you to apply the Law of Attraction.

Forgiveness is important because, if you have been hurt in the past, by forgiving the person who caused this experience, you remove the feelings of resentment and pain from your focused thoughts and align to a future experience without these feelings.

Using gratitude helps you to align to the best of your past and you current realities, and gives you the ability to focus your thoughts towards these better things.

To use gratitude effectively, list the best of all your experiences, past and present, good or bad, and spend some time, each day, focusing on the best of what was and what is. By doing this you adjust your vibration away from what has gone wrong and shift it to an alignment to the best of what has gone right, and in doing so, align to more ‘best of’ experiences.

However, it is not always easy to let go of resentment and pain surrounding what you have had, and the fear and worry of what you will have, and using tools like affirmations will certainly help you to do this.

If you are having difficulty feeling grateful or forgiving someone for a particular past or present experience, write specific affirmations in the following way.

Although I feel negative emotion about negative experience, I am happy that this has helped me to discover my desires, and bring this desired experience closer to me. I am looking forward to letting my feelings of negative emotion go, and attracting the reality of desired experience.

What this affirmation does is help you to accept where your reality is today, and this is very important.

I think it was Carl Jung who said, “What you resist, persists,” and all to often, especially when we aware of the Law of Attraction, and the result of negative thought, we fight our negative feelings, and the harder we try to put away these thoughts, the stronger and the more powerfully they persist.

There is great power from accepting where you are now, after all, this is where you are, and if you wish to move forward, where you are today is the perfect and only place to start.

I would call this ‘Raising Your Vibration’, and Allowing the Law of Attraction to work in your favor

Because this is such an issue for anyone trying to apply the Law of Attraction, the first part of my Law of Attraction training program does this for you.

It is a workbook has been specifically designed for those people who have tried many of the normal methods of manifestation, but have had some difficulty changing their reality.

By following this 30-Day program you will see that as you have been wanting and needing this change, that it is in fact, the want and need that you have, which has kept your desires away from you.

To Find Our More Visit The Thirty Day Page

And finally… Visualization.

It must be understood that the power of visualization does not come from the clarity of the image, it comes from the clarity of the emotions.

Perhaps visualization would be better understood if we called it ‘Imagimotion’, as it is the emotion towards the imagined desire that is the catalyst for the Law of Attraction.

Whatever you desire, see the image of your desires in mind, and as you do, fill yourself with the emotions that you would have if your desires already existed today.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

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