Law of Attraction Dilemma

by Anurag

I believe that I have to work in Holland and I am dreaming and taking small steps to fulfil the dream. But after a month I found a good opportunity to work in India.

What should I do then? Should I keep my Holland dream alive or do I need to shift my thoughts and steps towards India?

I am in a dilemma. Kindly help me in this context. I am grateful to you and your Law of Attraction course.


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Not an easy one for me to answer Anurag, as it is you who knows the answer.

When I teach people to apply the Law of Attraction to their lives, part of the process, and one of the final steps is to get people to develop and fine-tune their intuition.

It is their intuition that helps them pick the right opportunities, and to move forward along their most desired path.

So how do you develop intuition?

This is what Charles Haanel has to say on the subject of intuition, in his book The Master Key System, (one of the study books on my Law of Attraction training program)

“Intuition arrives at conclusions without the aid of experience or memory.

Intuition often solves problems that are beyond the grasp of the reasoning power.

Intuition often comes with a suddenness that is startling; it reveals the truth for which we are searching, so directly that it seems to come from a higher power.

Intuition can be cultivated and developed; in order to do this it must be recognized and appreciated; if the intuitive visitor is given a royal welcome when he comes, he will come again; the more cordial the welcome the more frequent his visits will become, but if he is ignored or neglected he will make his visits few and far apart.

Intuition usually comes in the Silence; great minds seek solitude frequently; it is here that all the larger problems of life are worked out.

For this reason every businessman who can afford it has a private office, where he will not be disturbed; if you cannot afford a private office you can at least find somewhere, where you can be alone a few minutes each day, to train the thought along lines which will enable you to develop that invincible power which is necessary to achieve.”

The strongest and most powerful way to develop intuition and insight, is through silence, and one of the most effective exercises you can get, are the exercises you’ll find in Charles Haanel’s Master Key book.

You can download a copy of the Master Key System at the Free Law of Attraction pdf eBook Library, or you can use the Audio Version at my Law of Attraction training program Unlock The Power of You

You could also try some meditation techniques, I have practised Vipassana Meditation for some time now and I am sure it will help you, take a look at the Website for some great information, you can also download an eBook on Vipassana called Mindfulness in Plain English

Wayne Dyer's Meditations for Manifesting : Morning and Evening Meditations to Literally Create Your Heart's Desire, is definitely worth getting, I have just started using this meditation technique, and it's really powerful.

I hope I have been of some help to you, I know you would have probably proffered an ‘Insightful’ do this answer, but with a decision like this, I can’t really be of that much help.

Let me know which way you go, and how things turn out.


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