Law of Attraction For Money

by Girish
(Bangalore, India)

I've been constantly using the Law of Attraction since the time I watched and read the movie "The Secret" and for God's sake, I’m very good at it. I have manifested many many things so far, like I get my desired marks in my studies, I got into my dream college and many things.

Now I’m in need of money very much and I've been applying the Law of Attraction to manifest money. I know that I should ask, feel and be ready to receive and take actions whenever needed.

I’ll give a scenario, When I first thought that I want "xxx" amount of money, I was looking for answers from the universe and at that time, by grapevine, I heard that in a haunted house close by to my place, there is some hidden treasure. I didn’t believe that story and did not take any further actions on that thing

Later, I didn’t find any answers, suggestions, but my friend suggested me to gamble and I lost a little amount of money I had on me playing gambling. And I’ve tried many other things, like whenever I see a promotional offers or anything which promises to yield money, I’ve given my heart and sole and taken part into it..

Also when I spend money, I see to it that I always assure myself that "I have more than enough money and I trust my universe, myself" as such..

Now my question is…

I’m just done with the due date I kept for my target of making money, and my mind is still forcing me to give a try for the treasure-- in a haunted house... I’m not scared to go into a haunted house as such, what do you suggest to me??

Also reading my story, do you think I need to improve in any area of Law of Attraction??

Please suggest to me, I want to be abundant in every single area of my life.

Thank you with gratitude and I thank god for giving me the knowledge of the secret

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You can Be, Do and Have anything they desire, and in order to reach your goals, you need to visualize, but how and why does visualization works.

When you visualize, it is not the clarity of the image seen that is the cause of manifestation, it is the emotion and feelings attached to that image, so when you visualize, it is important to become emotional about what you’re visualizing.

The Law of Attraction will line up the people, the events and the situations to match your vibration, and it is your focused thoughts, feelings and emotions that make up your vibration

But it is a pretty pointless exercise to spend 15 to 20 minutes, matching your vibration to your desires, and then going about your day carrying a need for money.

It is impossible to jump from need about money, to experience abundance. That would defy law.

To gain financial abundance in your life you need to change the way you think and feel about money. You need to change your vibration.

But it will be an almost impossible task for you to move from a vibration of need, to a vibration of plenty.

It would be much more value if you start to get some satisfaction of where you are now, and to do that I would start to look for all the positive things about now, whilst looking forward to the positive things of the future.

If your finances are adequate, concentrate on all the positive aspects of your current reality, whilst looking forward to a plentiful amount of money coming to you.

If and when your finances are plentiful, concentrate on all the positive aspects of your then current reality, whilst looking forward to an abundant amount of money coming to you.

Trying to go about financial abundance through need and desperation will go against you, as it focuses your attention to your current reality, which is a needy and desperate vibration. And the harder you seem to try, the longer you will stay where you are.

Take this step-by-step, slowly shift your vibration, and lower your expectations. Then as things start to move, as they surely will, you will build the confidence and faith, and then you will see that you can Be, Do and Have anything you desire.

I hope this helps in some way…

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