The Law of Attraction In Action
DVD Series

The Law of Attraction In Action is an ever growing collection of Inspirational DVD’s from Abraham Hicks.

Each DVD is filmed during Esther & Jerry’s Art of Allowing workshops, and contains Abraham’s take on love, anger, peace, war, success and failure, and almost any subject in-between.

The films represent Abraham’s answers to the many questions asked at these workshops, and teach you how to start getting what you want, and - just as importantly - not getting what you don’t want!

Through Esther, Abraham explains that we are eternal beings that have come forth from non-physical consciousness, to experience life.

It is now our task to close the vibrational gap between where we are in our physical existence, and what our non-physical essence has already become.

Here you will find each of the series of DVDs and a brief explanation of the questions asked to Abraham, I have also included the DVD trailer for each film for you to look at., just click the ‘view trailer’ link, under the DVD cover.

The Law of Attraction in Action - Episode One

Great Expectations!

Law of Attraction in Action - Episode One Trailer
In this first DVD, Abraham helps us get a handle on the nature of time, aging, and the universe expanding. You get a more detailed analysis of the Law of Attraction, and a discussion on how emotion and matter interact to attract.

Abraham also explains how theses teachings, line up with traditional Christianity. . . or with any religion, for that matter? Some other questions asked include;

Can an actor delve into all the angry, dark emotions without attracting unwanted things into his real life?

How do you stop attracting all that old father and son emotional baggage? What do you do when you have attracted your passion at work but you have been stopped cold and it is making you sick?

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Two

Keys to Freedom!

Episode Two Trailer
What does Abraham have to say about what many people are feeling...the desire to leave their corporate jobs and find fulfilment elsewhere? PLUS - a special DVD extra called The Court Jesther!

Do we need to be wary of the dark side?

The higher we are on the vibrational scale, are we more aware that we are generating our own reality?

What is life like from the Non-Physical point-of-view?

How does one recover from a childhood of suppressed intuition and emotion?

If everybody gets to create their own reality, what about people creating things the rest of us do not want in our lives?

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Three

Reality Check!

Episode Three Trailer
Abraham talks about total, permanent world peace, whether it can be achieved and whether we should even try. Abraham also talks about the true cost of litigation and if we have a responsibility to stand up for ourselves, when our government starts to tread on our fundamental freedoms.

What can you do when your vivid imagination runs wild with horrible thoughts?

What is the right mix between doing something and simply allowing thought-energy to flow?

Men and women are there fundamental differences between the sexes?

Abraham also tells us how to deal with a very bossy boss and find personal happiness at work.

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Four

Chill Out!

Episode Four Trailer
Many relationship issues are discussed on this DVD, how far back do our relationships go? Do we set up relationship contracts before we are born? How can we stop repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over and over again. Why does the magic of a new relationship always seem to eventually fade? What to do when you think you have been going with the flow and yet you end up finding yourself in relationship-hell.

A prison-system counsellor seeks the advice of Abraham on how best to interact with the incarcerated.

Can we put a motor on our boat and speed up the process of manifesting our desires?

How does marijuana effect your ability to connect to intuition and instinct?

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Five

Revealing the Secret!

Episode Five Trailer
Abraham talks about autism and tells us it is about a desire to be different enough that you cannot be controlled it is about freedom. What was the secret edited from the movie The Secret? And the joyously humorous story of how Non-Physical references continue to be edited out - even in modern times.

Also clearing up a few misconceptions about the topic of Non-Physical Abraham ever having been physical. Esther and The Secret - Starting from forsaken, Esther works her way back up the Emotional Scale.

On medicine and healing - What TRUE medicine is all about?

Clean and sober - Abraham offers their interpretation of the Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Step Program.

What are soul mates? Abraham defines the concept.

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Six

Path of Enthusiasm!

Episode Six Trailer
Abraham brings it down to basics, talking about meditation and says it is the best process they know of for releasing resistance and tuning yourself to your higher vibration. The age-old question of finding your path. Abraham suggests feeling your way instead of thinking your way. Getting what you want means being aligned with your desire. Abraham tells us how to feel it first.

Cerebral Palsy - is there a way to communicate with him vibrationally?

Past-life fear, can we be influenced by something we have previously lived?

A psychotherapist asks if we should take patients through past trauma, how we should deal with unremorseful people, and how a child could manifest their own abuse.

How can we help our children to see Source within themselves?

Can the Law of Attraction help you win the lottery?

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Seven

Everything You Want!

Episode Seven Trailer
Zest for life! An Abraham-inspired routine to help you spend your days in fresh, positive energy. Dream analysis Abraham-style: what it means when you continue to have an unsettling dream. What does Abraham think about judgment and punishment, and what can you do when you feel you have spent your lifetime feeling angry?

What does Abraham think about long-term, committed relationships?

Is it possible for human beings to fly?

Is it okay to have sex just for the fun of it?

When murderers finally die, do they feel any regret over what they have done?

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Eight

Joyous Adventure

Episode Eight Trailer
Anytime something is unpleasing to you, and it is slow to change, it means one thing - you are giving more attention to what-is than to what you prefer. What you are reaching for is the feeling of letting yourself be as you want to be. Suicide - an alternate view: Every death is suicide. Abraham pushes the limits and gives a Crisis Hotline Operator a strategy for dealing with suicidal callers. Law of Attraction and Source: Exploring these two concepts in-depth.

Some other topics included in this DVD; Parenting an autistic child, sharing this newfound wisdom with struggling family members and friends, break-up issues, and world peace.

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Nine

Telling a New Story

Episode Nine Trailer
Abraham says, Words do not teach. It is life experience that teaches. But we want to give you some words that will help you to make some sense of the life experience that you have been living.

Abraham continues to deliver their unearthly wisdom on a multitude of topics including group consciousness, raising kids, making a living while having fun, spending money guilt-free, Martin Luther King, energy vortexes, the language of vibration, career changes, comedy and sex!

The Law of Attraction In Action - Episode Ten

Let Loose!

No Online Trailer
You are as free as you allow yourself to be by virtue of the thoughts you think. In episode ten of this wildly popular series, Abraham continues to astonish, elucidate and entertain!

Topics include: fate, fortune-telling, learning to just enjoy life, the blissful energy of meditation, teaching tough kids, lawsuits, pets, workplace freedom, and Why dont the Hicks charge less money so more people can benefit?

You did not come into this life experience to get it done. You did not come for marks on the chart. You did not come to get things done so that you could look back and say look what I did! You continue to be an Eternal Being because it feels ever so good to feel life flowing through you. - Abraham

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