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Law of Attraction Jewelry


Inspirational Jewelry and Gifts

Law of Attraction jewelry is in its infancy at the moment, it seems to be limited to gratitude stones, the best of which come from Kobbi.

Engraved Kobbi Stones reminds us of the amazing connections we have with our friends, life partner and animal friends. It inspires us to nurture all the special relationships in our lives.

Use these stones to remind yourself of the gifts around you, and therefore become more open to receiving them.

We have included the Loving Family range of jewelry, sterling silver pendants featuring parents and children in an embrace that forms a heart.

Other inspiring jewelry includes designer Amulets, healing crystals and wands and some inspirational wall and table art.

The first selection of jewelry is from the Dream Seed collection, have a look at the range of Amulets, for Healing, Meditation, Serenity and my personal favourite for Prosperity.

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