Law of Attraction Lessons

by Kathleen A. Murray

John, I am on a new adventure now of self-discovery thanks to you and your lessons. It's never too late and one is never too old to learn new things and here is proof of that.

I found the by browsing older posts in the TUT forum and found John's post of 2010 regarding his book and program.

I had already read several books on manifesting and had been listening to various lectures on it, in fact I have a whole collection of self-help material, current material and older, some even going back to the 1970's.

However, I would read or listen to the material, feel inspired for a brief time, then negative thoughts and discouragement, even fear and avoidance would set in and I would resume my normal routine, feeling mixed feelings -slightly relieved and slightly guilty that I had talked myself out of changes so necessary in my life to find happiness.

When I approached the lessons it seemed too good to be true. It turned out to be a treasure chest. I kept finding jewels!

I became very excited at the possibility that I had found something that would truly help me, but I also realized I had to do the work and had to commit to doing the work.

The result is that I have now changed my thinking 360 degrees. I am regaining my confidence regarding my artistic abilities and each day I wake feeling happy, even on my so-called worst days (which there don't seem to be any of anymore). I am hopeful and positive about life in general and especially about my plans for the future - painting beautiful pictures and selling them.

Mainly it was about the experience of painting more than anything else. I remember how much I loved the feeling, inspirational, close to God, actually, when I paint. So I want that feeling back and I know that the outcome will be beautiful paintings, for how could it be otherwise if I am inspired and allowing God/Source to flow through me?

I know my family is pleased that I am changing for the better. I have stopped complaining about every little thing. This is a biggie as I have had that habit for a long, long time.

At first sight, John's lessons seemed daunting. It all just seemed too much. I realized even then it was due to my resistance to change. Fear of change is common, and I seem to have inherited an extra dose.

Soon, I realized I needed more incentive. I went through the workbook to the end, spending time every day morning and night, as prescribed by John and did the work.

But I still felt somewhat uneasy, not really ready to make my goals real. Then I went on to the second phase and learned about anchoring and the vision board and further exercises.

Actually, I had prepared a vision board before, but it was not made by hand, only computer generated. It was really easy, no problems, I even made a second one. But when it came to making a real-life-in-my-face vision board with my own hands, now that was when my fear of change really kicked in!

I started to feel nervous. (Was I doing it right? What if I made a mistake and had to start over? What if it didn't work or help me at all? Or, Even Worse: What if it DID work and I had to do something about it and not fall back on excuses!!!)

So, I started working on it. I really struggled, because I wanted to incorporate my own artistic skills in it, not just cut out pictures and glue them on. I wanted it to really mean something to me. I wanted it to represent exactly what I want most from life. I got angry, irritated, broke out in a sweat, felt even more nervous and thought what I was doing was silly, a waste of time.

In spite of those negative thoughts, I finished it and it represents exactly what I want most from life. It is perfect for me and I think of it as greeting card to myself.

Every morning I do my routine when I am fresh. For me night time is not good for that.

My routine consists of the following in the same order, some of it is from my own selection, but most of it follows John's lessons:

Wake put on my headphones and turn on "Getting Into the Vortex" guided meditation CD. Tracks 3-6 are for meditating, so I listen to one each morning and rotate them. That takes about 15 minutes. (This is from my own selection)

Next I put 2 pillows on the floor and check the clock. I sit cross-legged with my spine straight, eyes closed hands on knees, palms up. I close my eyes and relax, but still I keep the spine straight, but not rigid. I take three deep breaths, then begin. I focus on nostrils and follow my breath in and out. This is known as Vipassana meditation.

When thoughts come, I observe them, sometimes I get caught up in them, but then I come back to my breath.

Some sessions I feel as though I am wrestling with my thoughts, trying make them go away. Of course, this is impossible, but I'm learning to go back to my breath. This is a learning process.

When I first started Vipassana meditation, I sat on the floor with my back against my bed, padded by pillows, with legs stretched straight out because it was too uncomfortable to sit cross-legged. Later, after a time, I decided I was going to keep trying to sit cross-legged until I could do it, because I wanted to be able to sit up with my spine straight without support behind my back. Now, I can do it. My legs still fall asleep but, when finished, I simply lie back flat on the floor and wait until the tingling of circulation returning stops. I can now meditate in that fashion for 30 to 40 minutes.

Next the Yoga (This is from my own selection). I do a modified Sun Salutation. I do a shorter version, along with floor exercises and a couple of exercises from "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" book written by Peter Kelder - (basically also Yoga)

When I first started Yoga, about five years ago, I did it for two years straight, every day, then stopped - I think a disruption in schedule, then slacked off - it was a gradual slacking off. When I recently started up again, (a few months ago) I was extremely stiff, but I knew that if I kept at it, that the stiffness would be less and less. I remembered how it was before and how it got better and easier the more I did it.

Now I am able to do a shoulder stand and The Plow, (being 64 years old, I am very careful going into and coming out of poses, especially the two I just mentioned).

When I was doing Yoga years before, I was almost ready to do the headstand. I was practicing various preliminary positions, but I was afraid -I think my fear held me back. This time I will start when I am ready and there will be no fear.

After Yoga, I get my headphones again, put my anchor music into my CD player, set up my vision board in front of me and set up my notebook and pen next to me.

I start the music, study my vision board, read the words on it, look at the pictures on it, and imagine myself making beautiful paintings.

The first time I did this exercise I did not feel anything and felt kind of silly holding my anchor pose (arms up and wide - as though victorious). I know John advised to pick an anchor pose that was inconspicuous, (you pick your own that feels appropriate to you) but I have been inconspicuous most of my life, so didn't want that!

After a couple days of doing this exercise, the tears just flowed, then I begin to feel like smiling and felt very happy. Each time is different. Most often, chills run up and down my spine, sometimes still tears, and sometimes I laugh and sometimes I just admire my vision board and think of how beautiful it is and just think if I can do this, then I can really paint some beautiful pieces.

I have in the past, so I know I can do it, but before I would look at what I had made and could not see how beautiful they were, even though people (family and friends) would tell me they were beautiful.

Always, when I am finished I feel better. I play the anchor music piece through once and usually hold my anchor pose throughout, but sometimes don't because my arms get tired.

Next, goal affirmations and gratitude affirmations. The anchor music continues to play throughout, while I am writing.

I write my goal affirmation ten times. My goal affirmation stays the same and I write it the same. I have it memorized now.

Next I write ten things for which I am grateful. I may have modified this part somewhat, because I like to write ten different things each day. So I spend a few minutes giving it some thought, and then I start writing them down.

Something new I just added yesterday to my gratitude list is gratitude for World Peace. I incorporate World Peace into my gratitude list. Others whom I know are praying and meditating on it, but for me, writing it down as though it is here already is much more powerful for me.

One point I would like to emphasize here: Take a little time to be very selective about your choice of anchor music. As John said, don't choose one that has any memories or feelings connected to it or associated with it.

Search for a piece of music that you love to listen to that will not bring any related memories. The first one I chose I then rejected, as I was thinking what others might think, instead of what I wanted. But then thought, who I am I doing this for? ME. So, I went with it and I am very happy with my choice. I love it and I never tire of it.

I do this morning routine in the privacy of my own room and I can play the anchor music as loud as I prefer (headphones are great). I have no interruptions, but even if I did, I would handle whatever it was, then go back to where I left off.

So, I have a lesson program I am about to start, which I think will improve my painting technique. I have a brand new blank canvas, new paints and my old standby high quality paintbrushes. My patio has been cleared out and I have plenty of room for a studio now. I will have good news to report on my progress very soon!

John, your wonderful lessons have changed my life!

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by: John Peace

Thank you Kathy for sharing your experiences of the WorkBook and the QuickStart program. You highlight some great points about ?needing to work at this? and how often our fear and worries, (even of success), can often be a stumbling block for many people.

I just wanted to add a quick resource list to your message so that other readers can look at some of the things you are using.

Of course, the programs (the WorkBook and the QuickStart program) are available on this website. Just follow the links below?

The Unlock The Power WorkBook

The Unlock The Power QuickStart program

The QuickStart program is free, but I would recommend that you complete the WorkBook before starting it.

Although I introduce Vipassana Meditation in the WorkBook, if anyone was interested in learning this meditation technique, take a look at the Website they provide some great information and you can also download an eBook on Vipassana called Mindfulness in Plain English.

The Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD is available from Amazon, as is the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, the Yoga book Kathy uses.

Once again Kathy, thank you for sharing your experiences, and I can?t wait to see some of your beautiful paintings, (maybe we could add a few to this page?)


John Peace

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