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I started the Unlock the Power of You program 11 days ago and can't help but notice that there is a lot of accent on gratitude. I think this is very important indeed in order to be happier and raise your vibration.

One problem that I have is with being grateful, is that I can't seem to actually feel the feeling of gratitude when I think about the things I already have. I have a wonderful family and friends, I have a great job which I don't really like but I earn enough to afford things or vacations I couldn't afford before, I have many vacation days and so on. They are all on my list which I read every day, and repeat them in my head during the day when something negative comes up or just for relaxation.
But I don't feel as if I have that feeling of gratitude and I am not sure if this is just a matter of creating a habit and will come in time, or if I am doing something wrong?

Sometimes when I go through some of the gratitude points, for my family, I feel a strong emotion in my chest which I would more describe as fear, and I know that this comes from the fact that I have been worried about my mother's health, even though she is healthy. This of course switches my vibration to something unwanted and I again become frustrated that this happens but I try to fight it every time, to switch it into something positive.

Also, on having more money, I started involuntarily to put sort of a pressure on myself. I know this is not good, so I am now trying to see it more as an adventure and without a deadline (although some suggest a deadline is needed). How should I prioritise my thinking in this?

You said that when it comes to attracting specific people, that ''you cannot use the Law of Attraction to bring an individual into line with your wishes, when that individual does not wish for the same.'' My question then is, if I wish for a specific person to come into my life and that person desires or thinks about having love in his life, is this creating a match?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You are so right when you talk about gratitude and the importance of being happy, but the very reason you are trying to feel gratitude, is the very reason that you are not feeling it.

To try and explain this I would try to think of your emotions as being a line from left to right, far left representing helplessness, and the far right representing bliss, and anywhere on this line will represent an emotion that is either nearer helplessness or nearer bliss.
For any situation and experience that you have in your life, the reactive thoughts and feeling can be represented along this line.

For example, in your statement, “I have a wonderful family and friends, I have a great job which I don't really like but I earn enough to afford things or vacations I couldn't afford before, I have many vacation days and so on.” Each of these events can be represented along this line, perhaps the job that you don’t really like can be represented by the position on this line of irritated, pessimistic or bored, but adding the gratitude for your job, “I earn enough to afford things or vacations I couldn't afford before, I have many vacation days and so on” moves your feelings from irritation, pessimism or boredom to feelings of possibly hopefulness and optimism.

In other words, gratitude moves you from the position you are on this emotional line, towards the right so that you are nearer bliss.

Similarly, someone who was experiencing a wholly unwanted reality may feel hatred and rage, yet by grasping for a thought of gratitude in that moment of rage, the feelings should move to the right towards the feelings of bliss, although these feelings could be of worry and disappointment, a long way from bliss, but moving along in the right direction.

Unfortunately, many people believe that they are not on the right track, because they are not reaching joy, appreciation and love, and instead they have feelings of boredom and pessimism about their experiences. And as they strive for these high vibration feelings they feel frustration and impatience as they are not reaching them, which unfortunately sends them the wrong way along this line of emotions, and if they had just used gratitude to help them to feel less bored and pessimistic and more hopeful and optimistic, then they would be heading the right way.

If you accept that what you think and feel moves forces to align you to experiences that match the way you think and feel, I would rather attract a more hopeful reality than a more frustrated one.

The whole point of gratitude is to help you think and feel in a slightly higher vibration than you were, and as you practice this, over and over, eventually you shall feel bliss.

Understanding this, it isn’t so strange that you feel a kind of fear when you try to express gratitude for the health of your family.

In the exercise outlined in the program, the idea of using gratitude was to help you to feel more positive, by using the experiences you were now that made you feel good, to help you to move your attention from what you do not like about your now experiences, to what you do like.

But you are trying to use gratitude to attract a better experience for another, when in fact, the experience the other was having, was giving you no cause to feel gratitude.

You are expressing gratitude about feeling healthy, and everyone feeling healthy, but when you think about the health of your mother, this causes you to feel worry. Gratitude is not meant to attract something you desire, it is meant to make you feel better about where you are, so that you change your point of attraction.

There is no point expressing gratitude for something you don’t have, as this will only lower your vibration, and to try to pretend that you’re grateful so that you feel better about now, will only serve to underline your true feeling of what you are experiencing.

To be honest, you can only start at the place on the emotional scale that represents how you feel, and if you feel worry about your mothers health, start at that point. Accept that you feel worried about her health, but express the true gratitude that you have for her.

As gratitude for your mother you could feel positive about her strength, her example of fighting on, her support, her love, your fortune to have her in your life and your happiness that you are all now together, so that when you then express gratitude for your family, you can say something like this….

“I am so grateful for my family, that we are all together and that we are all generally healthy, and even though I often worry about Mum’s health, I am so thankful that she is strong and that she can fight on, I have been so lucky to have her support and love in my life.”

When it comes to money, you are not alone when you have tried applying the Law of Attraction to attract more money, and have ended up putting pressure on yourself, you can use the same sort of approach to help you feel less anxious about your finances.

Again, when it comes to money you can only start at place on the emotional scale that represents how you feel, and if you feel fear about your finances, start at that point. Accept that you feel fear about your wealth, but express the true gratitude that you have for your now financial circumstances to move you away from fear to a more optimistic feeling.

So instead of saying I am grateful for having a, “great job which I don't really like,” you raise your vibration by expressing your gratitude for what your job offers, so that when you think and feel, “I don't really like my job.” You can accept it and express some gratitude for it. Something like this…

“Even though I sometimes feel negative about this job, I am so grateful that this is something I do well and I am recognized by the salary I am paid, so much so that my job has allowed me to travel to places that I once couldn’t go.”

Later on the book you will learn how to add a positive intention to the end of your gratitude statement adding a statement like this… “I am really looking forward to having more money and traveling to more exotic places as my work starts to offer me fresh challenges and a new sense of satisfaction and achievement.”

Although this statement offers an extremely high powered point of attraction, it activates no measurement in the way of a time scale and dollars earned. Deadlines can work against you, as time and value are a measurements that you have created based on what you have already attracted, and as you attract more in less time, these measurements will change.

There is no deadline as you can never achieve all you desire. Seems odd to say, but no matter what you attract, you will always want more experiences, and new adventures.

On your final point about specific people, yes I do state that you cannot attract a specific person. The Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts and feelings, aligning you to events and circumstances that help you to continue to think and feel the way you do. And as this is Law, this same mechanism applies to all who think and all who feel, and as you have no power over another’s way of thinking and feeling, you therefore have no power over their experiences.

Of course, if you think in a way that matches a happy relationship, and another thought in a way that also matched a happy relationship, and the experience of you both being together would manifest as happiness for each of you, then that person would become specific to you.

But you cannot choose this person beforehand. You have no idea what he is thinking and feeling, and you have no idea whether you both being together would match the way you both think and feel.

All you can do is move up the emotional line, grasping for thoughts and feelings that make you feel good, and the better you feel, the better things will feel. And the better things feel, the better you feel, until your attraction point brings you the best of what is, from where ever it comes.

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