Law of Attraction Relationships – Boyfriends Best Friend

by Bambi Reeves
(Newcastle, Sydney, Australia)

I had a thing with this guy called N***, which only lasted a while as I thought he was too good for me, he seemed to perfect in every aspect and I think I was too scared, so I settled for his best friend T** as he was really into me and I knew it would be easy having a relationship with him (at the time I wanted love instantly).

After a while I realized that I didn’t truly love T**, we did have a great connection, but deep down my heart was always meant for N***.

T** and I went out for a year, I cheated on him twice and then made him stay with me, which is when I got attached to him, and convinced myself to forget about N*** and that I was in love with him, but soon after N*** and I somehow ended up at a party together, drunk and crying about our problems and how we would never find love, I realized that I could love him.

I began focusing all my energy on N***, wishing he was mine and that I had him, and as the Law of Attraction goes, sooner than I realized T*** had broken up with me,

Now I don’t talk to either of them, N*** had a girlfriend this whole time, and T***hates me.

N*** honestly seems like the perfect guy for me, so should I continue to pursue this and keep thinking about him, in the hopes that he will break up with his girlfriend, break his best friend relationship with T** and finally be with me? Or should I just try to forget it and move on?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Through the Law of Attraction you will always align to your experiences, a match to how you think and feel.

If you think and feel happy, you will align experiences that help you to do happy, so that you continue to think and feel happiness.

In much the same way, if you think and feel lonely, you will align experiences that help you to do lonely, so that you continue to think and feel loneliness.

And the same can be said for every thought and every feeling on any subject, so whatever our predominate thoughts and emotions are, we will attract a matching experience.

People who are sad because they have no money, unworkable relationships or poor health are actually thinking in the wrong direction, because it is actually their lack of money, their dysfunctional romances and their sickness that have been aligned to them as a result of their sadness.

Simply put, sadness causes sad experience and happiness causes happy experiences.

So, if a part of my reality displeased me, how would I go about changing that experience?

I could tell the people who disappointed me about their poor behavior, in the hope that they would change it to try to please me. If they refused to comply, I could try chasing these un-cooperating beings out of my experience. Failing that, I could move my home and job so that they stopped bothering and annoying me.

The trouble is, the only reason these people are a part of my reality is that they can offer me ways of being that match my thoughts and feelings, so will any of these methods work?

If I try changing the way they behave, surely I’m focusing on the things about them that I don’t like, and as a result aligning to more of that behavior.

If I try chasing them out of my reality, as I have not addressed my thoughts and feelings about un-cooperating people, and as they match the way I think and feel, they’d surely persist in sharing my reality.

If I try moving my job and home, then I’d be taking my thoughts and emotions with me, and because they were aligned to the way I had been thinking and feeling, they would either follow me, or simply be replaced by equally annoying people.

The remedy for unwanted experiences will never be found by manipulating, pressurizing or cajoling the reality, it will only ever be found in mind.

In essence you question is unanswerable, as you can do neither.

Yes you could physically pursue him, but a relationship with him could only exist is it was the perfect match to the way you both thought and felt, and as you do not control his thoughts, it is not under your control.

Equally you could try to forget him and move on, but if the way you both think and feel aligned a reality in which you were the perfect match to each other, that would be impossible to do.

As there is nothing you can do by manipulating, pressurizing or cajoling this reality, I guess all this leaves you with is mind.

Thoughts of happiness will always align you to a reality of happiness, and for as long as you allow other people to be your reason for happiness, you give the power of creating your own reality away and lose control of your journey.

So my advice would be to choose happiness within, and for as long as you do you shall continue to find it with ‘out’.

You will align to the perfect relationship if you hold the perfect thought.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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