Law of Attraction Relationships How To Trust Him

by Michelle

I would like to know if I should move forward in this 15-year relationship after he has been talking to another women, should I forgive or move on with him.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

People often offer us behavior that makes us feel bad, and in a relationship, if this behavior is bad enough, understandably, many people will question whether the relationship has a long-term future or not.

So can we expect our friends and partners to act in a certain way in order for us to remain happy?

Traditionally you would expect so, after all is that not the basis of marriage, that we should love and obey? And surely, if we all acted in a way that made others happy, wouldn’t the world just be one happy place?

Well I suppose if we all wanted the same things, then it would. The trouble is, would there be enough of the same thing for everyone, and what happens if I don’t like the things others do? Or misunderstand what makes my friends happy?

When it comes to the Law of Attraction we teach that we must selfishly, put our own happiness first.

On the face of it, this does seem like a recipe for disaster, after all, if we all irresponsibly did what we liked, wouldn’t we all be in the sort of trouble you are in?

Yes it would if we put happiness on the outside of us, something that came to us as a result of the events that take place in our reality.

But how could feelings come to us? We don’t see happiness and sadness in our environment and latch on to those feelings as they whiz by.

Our feelings are our own, they are possessed by us, created by us and under our control. If we wish, we can choose to be happy, not that many people would agree with that, but haven’t we all be trained to act in a way to make others happy? Being happy, regardless of our environment will take some training.

By choosing your own happiness, you will be aligning your reality to reflect happiness to you in your experiences. You will not need the circumstances, the events and the people in your life to be or act in any particular way, in order for you to be happy, these things will be in the way that reflects your happiness.

In his book The Master Key, Charles Haanel said this of our mind, “The operation of this law is interesting. Those who put it into operation find that when they go out to meet the person with whom they anticipate a difficult interview, something has been there before them and dissolved the supposed differences; everything is changed; all is harmonious”

The events that take place in your reality come under direct control of your thoughts. Not that you can manipulate certain people to be and act in a particular way, in fact that control is unnecessary, as through thought and through feeling, the people with whom you share you experiences will either align to be with you as a match to your thought, or align to be without you, as an unmatch to your thought.

You can never share a reality with someone who cannot match their being and doing, to match your thought and feeling.

So should you forgive him or move on?

Neither…. Your action is not needed in your reality, your action must be in mind. Choose you emotions and you will choose what you will experience. Remain happy and see the best of what is, then the best of what can be shall come to you.

If he can align to you as a match for your perfect thought, and the way you both feel, then there is no reason why he wouldn’t. But, if he can’t be a match to the happiness you feel, he will have no choice but to leave your reality in order for the perfect match to align to you.

Choose your thought and your reality shall follow from the best possible place there is.

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I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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