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Law of Attraction is a relationship website that has been around for longer than the film The Secret, and to date, there are over 25,000 members who all share a passion for the Law of Attraction.

But is there any need for a relationship website that brings people together based on a common interest of the Law of Attraction?

Although many people would expect that prosperity would be the goal of the majority of people who are first introduced to the Law of Attraction, in my experience, this isn’t quite the case.

In fact, judging on the number of Law of Attraction relationship questions I receive, I would have to say that love and romance are the biggest concerns of the majority of my readers.

And one of the most common questions I get asked, goes along this theme….

“Understanding that I cannot manifest in the reality of another,
how do I attract the perfect partner to my life,
by focusing my thoughts and feeling?”

To answer this I would refer to the Law of Attraction as a Law of Harmony. This is because each aspect of my experience, must be in harmony with the aspects of other people with whom I share my reality.

When I think, I create, and the Law of Attraction aligns all cooperative parts of my reality, to match my thoughts.

The key word here is ‘cooperative’, as this is the part of the process that keeps everything in harmony.

Our reality is made up of many parts. Events, circumstances, opportunities and people, and when these many parts of our reality are aligned as a match to our thoughts, they have to be aligned to the thoughts of everyone else in our shared reality.

An event that comes your way, as a match to something you have been thinking, must match all other peoples thoughts, that are connected to the event. All must be in harmony.

So if the Law of Attraction is about aligning a harmonic reality, is it really necessary to look for a partner who shares your interest about the Law of Attraction, like they do at the Law of Attraction Singles website?

Well not really, but it is interesting that many of the questions I answer are on the subject of the negativity of partners and spouses.

It shouldn’t be the case, but it does seem that people find it much easier to apply the Law of Attraction, if they are in a relationship that shares an interest in this Law, rather than a relationship where one person affirms and visualizes, whilst the other partner finds the whole process a bit weird and ‘out there’.

I suppose when you’re faced with a reality of not being with anyone at all, it is irrelevant whether or not it would be an advantage to be with someone who shares your Law of Attraction passion,

I guess the biggest question would have to be, how do you use the Law of Attraction to find the perfect relationship?

Many people will tell you that if you want to attract a romantic relationship, you must first visualize it, you must then emotionally feel 'having it', and as you focus your thoughts and feelings on having this relationship now, the reality of a romantic relationship will come.

As a process, this is true, but when you are in a reality of not having this relationship, and you only attempt to change your focus, you will find this very difficult.

You see, the Law of Attraction will bring you what you vibrate, and by vibrate I mean your most predominant thoughts and feelings.

If you have an experience of never meeting the right person, then you must have a vibration of never meeting the right person, or your predominant thoughts and feelings would be, that you believe you just never meet the right person.

The most obvious way of changing this unwanted experience would be change your predominant thoughts and feelings. That is, change the vibration of without, to match the vibration of your desire.

And to do this, you would usually be told to visualize, emotionalize, talk, act and pretend, that your desired experience was your reality now.

But how can you do that when you have to face the difficulties of the reality of lack that you have now?

The real secret to changing your reality, is at first, accepting your reality as it is.

I know that sounds a bit confusing, especially when you are continually being told to focus on what you want, but believe me, until you accept your reality now, no matter what you focus on, it will never come about.

Otherwise, all you are doing is defining where you are and where you want to be, and noticing, thinking, and feeling, how bad the difference between these realities feels.

And then, you just create a reality that holds these two places apart, making you feel exactly how you have been feeling.

Thoughts of lack, sponsor a reality of lack, and it is really important that you redefine the thoughts about the lack that you are experiencing, so that they cease to sponsor more lack into your future.

What is the best of this moment?

What is the best of this experience?

What positives has this reality of lack brought you?

List these things, think about these things, be grateful for these things, and whenever a thought or feeling enters your mind that contradicts these things, switch to the thoughts and feelings that are, the of best of now.

So, if the secret to finding the perfect partner, is adjusting your vibration, why would you consider joining a relationship site like Law of Attraction Singles?

As you have probably experienced, adjusting your vibration is far easier to say, than do.

When you are continually faced and reminded of a reality of rejection, loneliness, desperation and frustration, trying to be grateful for what you have, is not so easy.

In my opinion, this is where a site like Law of Attraction Singles fits in so well, as you will begin to meet people who, not only share your positivity and beliefs, but also are focused people who like you, are beginning to create the relationships of their dreams.

When your are involved in a relationship site like Law of Attraction Singles, because you are in contact with like minded people, the whole process of adjusting your vibration is a far easier thing to do.

When you are no longer reminded of a reality of rejection,
... your vibration will be openness and confidence.

When you are no longer reminded of a reality of loneliness,
... your vibration will be outgoing and fun.

When you are no longer reminded of a reality of desperation,
... your vibration will be positivity and hope.

When you are no longer reminded of a reality of frustration,
... your vibration will be eagerness and passion.

And when your vibration is openness, confidence, outgoing, fun, positivity, hope, eagerness and passion. Your experience shall be a match to the new way you are thinking and feeling.

Update: Law of Attraction Singles Website

It has been brought to my attention that the Law of Attraction Singles ste is not active, or at least is going through some structural change. For the moment I would not recommend that anyone pay for Law of Attraction Singles membership, at least until I can verify whether the website is offering a service or not.

If you would like to look at membership to another Law of Attraction singles site, it may be worth checking out Abraham-Singles, I have not yet reviewed the site, but I am well aware of the Abraham-Hicks organisation, and I am sure you shall find the site helpful.

As soon as I have had a chance to review of the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Singles site, I shall post my comments here.

And if you would like any advice for Law of Attraction singles and relationships, please check out my Law of Attraction Relationship page

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