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by Rose

I have a question, I have searched the internet and found various answers to this one: Is it possible to make one special person love you and be your soulmate? 'Cause what if that one special person is also using the Law of Attraction in order to get a third person to love, or already is in love with someone. And you don't know that.

I am not trying to be a critic of the Law of Attraction. I just wants to be sure I am not messing with other peoples lives...

Hope you can give an honest answer to my question.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

It is not possible to make anyone do anything by using the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction works by aligning your thoughts and feelings to a matching experience, and there is no way of changing your thoughts and feelings, to produce an effect in someone else’s experience, as that would defy Law.

Whatever your predominant thoughts are, they are mirrored in your reality in a way that reflects back to you, what you believe to be true.

Thoughts of loneliness, mirror a reality to make you think more lonely thoughts.

Thoughts of worry, mirror a reality to make you think more worrisome thoughts.

This is why to master the Law of Attraction, you are told to visualize.

When you visualize, you align your thoughts to having your desires now, and as these ‘having your desires now’ thoughts become predominant, you see the matching reality in your new experiences.

You could be lonely today, and adjust your thinking to the thoughts and feelings of being in a relationship, and as these thoughts and emotions become a predominant part of your thinking, a relationship shall manifest to mirror a matching experience to these thoughts.

Thoughts of love, mirror a reality to make you think more loving thoughts.

Thoughts of harmony, mirror a reality to make you think more harmonious thoughts.

But this is not a Law that works sometimes, for some people. It is a Law that relentlessly matches our way of thinking to our way of being, and it works for all people, at all times, whether they are aware of it or not.

For each of us, the way we think is the cause for the way we experience.

This is why you cannot manifest an experience in another person’s reality, because their experience, and their reality, will always depend on the root cause of everything, Their Thought.

However, it would be a bit naive of me to say that one reality, does not affect another.

It would not be possible to change the reality that you were experiencing, without new and different choices being made, which would in turn, produce a differing reality to the people
who were involved in your experience.

So it does get a bit confusing because on one hand, the ability to change the reality of another goes again the Laws of the universe, yet on the other hand, any change to my reality, must produce a change to someone else’s reality, it all seems a bit contradictory.

To understand this try to think of the Law of Attraction, as a Law of Harmony, or a Law of Cooperation, as each experience for each person, is in harmony with their thoughts, and in cooperation with everyone involved.

This can be demonstrated quite well in new and growing relationships, especially if these relationships begin to encounter problems and break-ups.

At the beginning of a relationship, the most focused thoughts tend to be on the best of this new person.

This is why new relationships tend to lack major arguments, as each partner focuses on what they like best about the other, and as cooperating parts of this experience, each manifest what they like best to each other.

But as time passes, the focus on what is best tends to fade, and so to does the manifestation of what they like best. It is then not too uncommon for a couple to notice something about the other that is undesirable.

Attention, focus and energy is often given to this undesirable experience. To the way something is done, or not done, or to the lack of consideration, help, or whatever it maybe, and in an effort to change this unwanted and undesirable behaviour, pressure is put on the other to change.

The trouble is, the Law of Attraction will always align to someone’s most focused thoughts, and if their most focused thoughts are about the worst of their partner, then as a cooperating part of this experience, this partner must manifest that ‘worstness’ back.

It is the very attention to the things people dislike about their partners that creates the very existence of the things they don’t like.

Does this mean that if you focus your attention and energy on what you like best about someone, that you can change what they feel towards you?

In essence, yes it can, but this is not a definitive answer, because you can only create a reality for someone, if that reality is a cooperative and harmonious reality to their attention and energy, as well as your own. If it is not, they could leave your experience altogether.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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