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by wantmyhusbandback

I have written to you a few times before and I read other people's posts about salvaging broken relationships, and your answer always comes back crystal clear - we get what we focus on and we can't interfere in anyone else's reality. However there is one question that continues to play on my mind and that is: The Power of Love.

I've lately come across some information about how we can actually transform the physical make-up of atoms, just by loving an object and focusing good, positive energy on it.

I'm sure you've heard of the Japanese scientist who transformed water into beautiful crystals by 'loving' it (thinking beautiful thoughts about it and saying nice things to it) or into ugly deformed crystals by 'hating' it.

I've also read of a scientific experiment whereby baby chicks were able to influence even a robot that had been imprinted on them as their mother...

I understand the logic of attracting more of what we feel into our lives, but is it not true that love can conquer all?

Can it not move mountains and create miracles?

Are we wives supposed to just move on and forget about our husbands who I’m sure with a bit of time, and a lot of love, will eventually come round?

Do we just give up and stop believing in our marriages or fight to save our relationships and families?

Can love not remedy everything?

I personally believe the only thing I can do is love him, and make any time we have together while minding our children as enjoyable as possible with the hope that it will stir some fond memories for him and warm his heart.

However by doing this I sometimes feel like I’m just handing everything to him on a silver platter and I’m not giving him any space or need to miss me, or realise what he's losing, if every time he comes by I’m sitting here with a smile on my face and still treating him as if he were my husband.

Could this be counterproductive in 'getting him back'?

Should I cut ties and give him the relationship he wants, i.e. none?

What is your opinion on being able to love someone back to you, or at least altering situations with love given the new scientific evidence coming to light?

And now that we're here, what is your opinion on my own personal predicament of loving him back to me, or treating him mean to keep him keen (not mean as such but a little less available, interested in his every word, pleasing)?

Thank you as always
One very sad and confused 'wife'

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Some of the research you point to does beg the question, what can you change? But, I don’t think that it is as simple as sending out love to a specific person with the expectation of receiving love from that specific source.

The research on changing molecules, and changed behaviour of something so random, does seem to suggest that the power of our minds, or an observer’s mind, can affect the outcome of a situation and the physical makeup of something.

And although I support this research, and this kind of experiment does seem to support the existence of the Law of Attraction, it does leave one massive influence out of the equation.

That is, what did the scientist expect to see?

If the Law of Attraction is a Law, it becomes very difficult to prove or disprove anything, as the observer will always affect the outcome.

If you want proof of something, you will find it. If you want disproof of something, you will find it.

This is why a statistician’s work will never be complete…

In much the same way, can you rely on your thought to change someone, or do you have to factor in his or her thought?

And as the Law of Attraction aligns all of our realities to our most focused thoughts, it does seem a futile exercise to adjust our thought, in the hope that we can change another’s reality.

It is not that I think that love cannot move mountains and create miracles, but for as long as the mountain is believed to be there, and the miracle a step away, neither shall be moved or created.

It seems that this love you talk about is based on conditional behaviour, not an unconditional ideal, and for as long as you seek for the change of behaviour you want and need to see, you shall continue to manifest the reality that wants and needs this change.

Yes you can align with love, but to align with love you must vibrate it, and once you do you shall be brought to the best match to the vibration of love you hold.

This reality may or may not be with your husband, as a reality that includes love for the both of you, has to be a reality that matches the way both of you think.

So should you cut ties and give him the relationship he wants?

I don’t really think that this is a case of cutting ties, but if you truly love him, unconditionally, isn’t his happiness an important part of how you feel?

If it is, maybe it’s time to let go…

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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