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I've been studying the Law of Attraction for years, but I seem to continually attract negative situations. Not only am I completely broke, I have to pay court fines, lawyers fees and there is a chance I may go to jail.

I live with my boyfriend and I'm totally dependent on him. He mentions the lack of money constantly. If I ask for a few dollars for milk I get a speech about the bills. So I'm always getting reminded of my lack (and his).

I've been making jewellery to sell, but can't seem to get up and out to sell it. I wish I knew why. I am in the process of putting it online.

At any rate - what should I focus on first?

Money, possible jail sentence, relationships?

Right now every area in my life seems to be a mess, and I try to work on staying in the present moment and being grateful for having a roof over my head.

Because of my issues, finding a job is difficult due to my background check.

It's so hard to stay positive to attract positive things to me. I'm so ready for a new life. Help?

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The very first thing to focus on when applying the Law of Attraction, especially when you are faced with so many unwanted issues, is gratitude.

Start to focus on everything in your life you feel grateful for. The best of your relationship, the best of your money situation, then best of any circumstances you can think of.

Focus your attention on the things you feel grateful for when you start your day, when you end your day, and at anytime you think a thought that contradicts these things, (particularly when your boyfriend reminds you about lack).

Learn to love where you are, before you start to love where you are going.

On a practical level, try the best that you can to avoid these confrontations about money with your partner. Perhaps, set up a housekeeping budget with him for food, rent, bills etc, and budget your money, (of course being grateful to be able to do this).

If you have debts that you cannot repay, do the same.

When it comes to your jewellery, try doing some visualizations on this part of your life being successful, and make a decision to ‘just do it’.

Yes, you may think that finding a job is difficult with your background, and I am sure that you have seen plenty of evidence to confirm this. But many people do this.

Try using some affirmations to change this ‘belief’, as it is most definitely holding you back.

I am not sure where you live, but there are some very helpful organisations that can help you find work, regardless of your record. Check out

EFT is an easy to use technique to learn, and it can be used to tackle all sort of issues. It works rather like Acupuncture, and is very effective.

If you would like some help with this, sign up for my Free Unlock The Power Mini-Course, you’ll discover how to uncover your limiting beliefs, and use EFT to deal with them.

I’ll also give you some instruction on goal setting and visualization.

Meditation will definitely help to. I have practised Vipassana Meditation for some time now, take a look at the Website for some great information, you can also download an eBook on Vipassana called Mindfulness in Plain English

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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