Law of Attraction To Manifest A Relationship With A Guy

I like this guy who is in the year above (he has Facebook, should I add him) :) He is just beautiful, if I’m walking behind him or up the stairs and he is talking to his mates he sounds so friendly and kind.

How do I use the Law of Attraction to make us closer, at least as friends, so then I can try and make it something more?

Thank you with the deepest gratitude :)

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The experiences you have, are brought to you by the Law of Attraction, depending upon your focused thoughts and feelings.

It is these focused thoughts and feelings that make up your vibration, and the Law of Attraction matches the people, the opportunities, and the events in your life, that are a harmonious match to your specific vibration.

If you aren’t in a relationship at the moment, and you wish to be in a relationship, then you need to adjust your vibration to the relationship you desire, so that the Law of Attraction can match the people, the opportunities, and the events that are a harmonious match to your vibration.

But how do you adjust your vibration?

You adjust your vibration by making your focused thoughts and feelings, match the experiences you wish to have, when you find your ideal relationship.

Understandably, many people will use this information and adjust their vibration to be with a specific person. After all, it is a lot easier to imagine being with a specific person, than to just imagine being with a faceless someone.

And, although this is not the best way to go about it, there is no great harm in using the idea of a specific person, to just alter your vibration. However it does all tend to fall apart when you fixate on someone as the only source of this desire, and there are a few reasons why doing this can be so counter productive.

To begin with, because the Law of Attraction matches the people, the opportunities, and the events, that are a harmonious match to your vibration, and because you are holding a vibration of ‘the perfect relationship’, unless this person is a harmonious match to the desired experience you are focusing on, it would be impossible for you both to come together.

In fact, if he was not a match to your vibration, then he would become less of your experience.

This then causes you a problem, because what you are focusing on ‘the perfect relationship’, and you are using this specific person to help you focus, and because he is not a vibrational match to your focus, and leaves your experience, you then notice the lack of that specific person.

This then changes your vibration from ‘the perfect relationship’ to ‘lack of the perfect relationship’, which in turn changes your point of attraction to without.

You are the creator of your own reality, and you can have any experience you desire.

This guy is the creator of his own reality, and he can have any experience he desires.

This being the case, there is absolutely no way that you can change your thoughts, to manifest in his reality. That would defy Law.

If you wish to be in an ideal relationship, make your focused thoughts and feelings be as if you had an ideal relationship now, and the Law of Attraction will bring the people, the opportunities, and the events, that are a harmonious match to your vibration, and your experience shall be, your ideal relationship.

Who knows, it is possible that this guy could be a harmonious match to your ‘ideal relationship’ vibration, but that is not for you to decide. After all, when the Law of Attraction has put you with your ‘perfect’ partner, it won’t really matter to you if it happened to be some one other than this guy.

It is the experience you attract, not the people in it.


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