Law of Attraction Unhappy At Work

by Sunny

I changed my job in Nov, 2008 for betterment. The new job came to me all of a sudden but I chose the new job very carefully and took a lot of time to decide. I joined this new company hoping for the best and flourishing career.

From day one I sensed negative vibrations at place of work, unhelpful and stubborn colleague etc etc. So due to this instead of moving 2 steps ahead my career has gone 10 steps backward.

I joined as the Head of Marketing but the management is afraid of the existing person who is under me, and is listening to him only. And that guy is acting against me and not listening to me.

All this has made me very frustrated and I have lost interest in this job.

Now I am trying to attract the job of my dreams and I have written down all characteristics for this new job like location, work environment, salary, growth prospects etc etc.

Kindly guide as to how I can achieve my goal very quickly by applying the Law of Attraction.

Many thanks in advance for your kind help.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You cannot attract the job of your dreams from your current reality, in fact, given your emotional state about your job now, any new job will be a step backwards.

Why? Because you have attracted your reality now, as it is, and as much as you try to push against and change this reality, by trying to change the environment, the people or the experience, another environment, more people and a similar experience will be brought to replace it.

To understand this, it would be helpful if you could go back to when you started this new job, back in 2008. You changed your job for betterment. The new job came to you all of a sudden, and when you joined this new company, you were hoping for a flourishing career.

Now it sounds to me that you took this position from a positive point of view, full of enthusiasm, optimism and hope. It was a joyful time.

So what happened?

On day one you sensed negative vibrations with unhelpful and stubborn colleague, and because of that your career has gone backwards.

This has left you feeling powerless, uninspired and frustrated, with people acting in an uncooperative way towards you.

Now lets try to think about this from a Law of Attraction point of view, but before we do, let me give you a quick overview of how the Law of Attraction works.

Your vibration is made up of your predominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and the Law of Attraction aligns to your reality, each person, all events and every opportunity, that is a match to your vibration.

So the reality we experience depends upon our predominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs. And contrary to popular belief, your reality has nothing to do with visualizations, affirmations, lists and goals.

Yes visualizations, affirmations, lists and goals can be useful tools to help you change the way you think and feel, but that is it. They will never bring a changed reality, until you learn how to use them properly.

In fact using any of these techniques when you are feeling powerless, uninspired and frustrated will just make you feel more powerless, uninspired and frustrated.

So let’s go back to the start of this job, when you were had a positive point of view, you were full of enthusiasm, optimism, hope and joy. Surely the Law of Attraction should have lined you up to an experience that matched this vibration?

If enthusiasm, optimism, hope and joy was your vibration, then this new job would have definitely lined you up to experience more feelings of enthusiasm, optimism, hope and joy.

But, as you said, you sensed negative vibrations with unhelpful and stubborn colleague. That may be true, but that does not mean that the Law of Attraction was not at work.

You see you will always be exposed to sources of vibration that are a contrast to your desires, if you were not, if you only ever experiences the ‘good’ stuff, how would you ever know it was good.

Difference and contrast will always be there to help us decide what it is we want. These things help us define our desires, to help us to design our preferred reality.

Now the mistake you made was this… As soon as you sensed this negative vibration and noticed these unhelpful and stubborn colleague, you offered it thought and feeling, and as a result of the thought and feeling you offered, the more unhelpful and stubborn your colleagues became. You then offered this reality more thought and feeling, and as a result of the more thought and feeling you offered, your colleagues became even more unhelpful and stubborn.

This has got worse and worse until now, your predominant vibration is one of powerlessness, lacking inspiration and full of frustration, and any attempt to use the Law of Attraction from here, will only bring you less power, less inspiration and more frustration.

You can’t get to where you want to be from here.

It would be much more value if you start to get some satisfaction of where you are now, and to do that I would start to look for all the positive things about now, whilst looking forward to the positive things of the future.

List everything that is good in your life right now. When it comes to your job, write down all the good aspects of your job, what it gives you, what its advantages are, the security it provides, absolutely any positive thing you can come up with..

Spend some time sitting quietly contemplating these positives, and make the positive parts of your job, your predominant thoughts and feelings.

When any negative thought enters your mind, repeat your list of positives, putting on the end.. “won’t it be nice when have ________________, in my life.” (just fill in your desires).

When you shift your vibration to the positives, and dismiss the negative, you will find your whole work experience will change. People will cooperate, will help and support you, or they will vibrate right out of your experience.

Once you have done this, you can then start to define the job you desire, (if you haven’t got it already!!)

I hope this helps in some way…

If you would like to give me any feedback, or if any other readers have any more insights, please feel free to use the comments form below.

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Want to manifest new dream job
by: sunny

Hi John,

Many thanks for your quick response.

I have thought over and found that I was hating my previous job since 1 year or so and suddenly I was offered this new job. May be the negative feelings about old job spilled over to the new job and hence I am experiencing troubles at the new job. But the fact is that I joined this new job with full enthusiam, zeal and positivity only to land into more trouble than my previous job. However, I am trying to feel good about life, developing sense of gratitude for all good things GOD has given me in my life, forgiving people and becoming more calm and not reacting to any negative incidents at work.

From this stage onwards, I desperately need a new job which I desire as per the specs I have laid down. Could you please guide how I can apply LOA to achieve my strong desire for a new job.

With Gratitude,


More for Sunny and others to think about...
by: Josh Weightman

A few quick ideas come to my mind when I read this page. One is the thought of the broke and millionaire mentality. Give a millionaire $10 and they will have a million in one year, give a broke person a million dollars and they will be broke in one year. This is also very true for most lottery winners. God or Universe intended for them to win, because of where the money would be spent.

So John was on point by stating it is very important to get your thoughts in order NOW. It could turn out that you ARE at your dream job.

One other key idea is that everything and every person in this world is really a direct mirror of what is inside you. I understand the world is in me and the world is how I see myself.

Final thought is that all situations are neither good, nor bad, just is. It is the challenges and obstacles that help us grow into the people we choose to become.

Hope this helps in some way.

Josh Weightman

Thanks for comments
by: Anonymous

Many thanks for your valuable comments John. While I do understand what you are saying there was no negativity when I took this new job. Only after coming to new place of work, i found many problematic areas like the stubborn colleague, environment in place of work, lack of proper systems etc which all was an anticlimax to my previous place of work.

Off course I am confident that I did not attract all this with my direct and indirect thoughts as I joined the new company with lot of positive thoughts and aspiration and dreams.

I would appreciate if you could explain as to why LOA brought all these negative things into my current reality and how can I change it now.

I feel there is some missing link about my understanding about LOA and would highly appreciate if you could help me in finding it once for all.

With lots of gratitude,


Just a matter of Dominant Thought
by: Jubongskie

I realized just now, that the best state when resigning from a job is when you have a grateful attitude. It will flow and bear the fruits in the next job. And when you face people that seems to be a hindrance or challenge that opposes your vision along the way, you ought not to believe it, nor to readily accept that they are against you. Rather they opportunities to sharpen you and see through their future with good twists as if they will be for you in the turn of time. It was the fear that overtook your hope, then multiplied to a mindset. It is important and far better to hold to the positive possibilities (as in optimism) rather than to declare the bad endings from the beginning and even before they actually manifest.

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