Law of Attraction Videos Home Study Course

by Michael
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I have used Nathan Romano’s Law of Attraction Videos Home Study Course, it is excellent and I use it regularly when I’m in the dumps and want to feel good. It is like positive thinking on steroids. It does magical things if used regularly.

I like it.

But I am looking at your program and it has different things in it. Does it work with the original Think And Grow Rich book? Or the original 14 laws of life I think it’s called books by Napoleon Hill?

I am looking for original stuff, before the edits, as Think And Grow Rich was edited down and left out most of the good stuff.

I have also learned from some Kahuna training, stuff like Ho'oponopono, and James Vinson’s Wingo on Kahuna secrets to psychic power.

Does your work give the good stuff or is it filtered?

Thanks for your response

Peace and blessings to you and your business


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

After completing the Unlock The Power QuickStart program, you will then move on to Section One of the Full Program.

Section One is a reading section, and introduces you to a number of important books and ideas about the world as we see it, and how best to adjust your thoughts to getting what you want, instead of attracting what you don’t want by default.

Here are the books that you will be able to download.

Law of Attraction, Evolution, Spirituality and Religion

A study of the Law of Attraction through a spiritual and religious prospective, with a concise and easy to read study of Ernest Holmes Science of Mind.

Law of Attraction Science and Spirituality

How does the Law of Attraction work from a scientific point of view? Some ideas from Charles Haanel's Mental Chemistry, as well Newtonian and Einsteinian ideas. This is a good introduction into the wacky world of Quantum Physics, and will open your mind to the idea that, what you see isn't as real as you think it is.

It Works by R.H. Jarret

This short book is a concise, definite, resultful plan with rules, explanations and suggestions for bettering your conditions in life. If you know what you want, you can have it.

How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality by Brown Landone

In this book, Landone explains how businesses were turned around, relationships attracted, and finances increased through the process of Idealization

Prosperity Through Thought Force by Bruce MacLelland

Your fortune or lack of fortune is not the result of chance but of your observance of certain fixed laws. You may not be aware of acting in accordance with sharply defined and active principles, but you do and always have so acted.

A Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi

Using a step-by-step approach and explained in straightforward language, A Happy Pocket Full of Money discusses these fascinating insights and lets readers see how their act of observation can actually affect that which is being observed a profound view with much bearing on those who want to create wealth.

If you want to be on the path towards financial independence and prosperity, then take the first step and have A Happy Pocket Full of Money.

After completing the reading section, you will then be ready to move on to the Unlock The Power of You Lessons.

Unlocking The Power of You

To Unlock any Secret, any Power, any Door or Skill, you will need a Key, and it is my pleasure to introduce to you, to the Unlock the Power of You Master Key.

This is a 24 Week Study course using Video, Pdf Manuscripts and MP3 Audios

Each Lesson is a week of study with a Inspirational or Affirmation Video to watch daily, a chapter of studying material as well as an Audio Lesson with a daily exercise to complete. Please Practise the Daily Exercise for 5-7 Days Minimal, Before Moving on

Our study programme will include three of the finest Self Help books ever written. The Master Key from Charles Haanel as well as two rarer books by Napoleon Hill and Florence Shinn, The Law of Success and The Game of Life and How to Play it.

I hope this helps, and I look forward to welcoming you on the Full Unlock The Power Program.


Finally, A Step-by-Step System To Master The Law of Attraction
Visit Unlock The Power of You Now, To Claim Your FREE Lessons

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