Law of Attraction Visualization Rules

by Laura Long

I want to attract an ideal relationship, lover, and companion. There is no specific person but I do know what I want to feel when I’m with him, and how I would like him to treat me.

My problem is, when visualizing, if I don’t put a face on it, it’s hard to feel and see the emotions as real... but as soon as I put an attractive actor I’ve seen in a movie, treating me the way he romantically treats his co-star, (but in a different scene like our wedding...) to the visualization, I am able to feel the emotions better.

I imagine me dancing with him. I don’t want to attract the actor, I just want to attract the feeling I get when visualizing dancing with him or him holding me...does this make sense? LOL.

I also would like my ideal "mate" to have similar features...BUT only BECAUSE this actor is my "TYPE"... He is tall, light complexion, Caucasian, light brown/blondish hair, and light eyes, with very nice ABS...LOL!

I really want my ideal "mate" to have a soft "melt me in minutes" voice so I imagine him talking to me in this soft gentle voice...(which the actor doesn’t have). Is this bad? I mean to visualize an actor in place so that I can feel the emotions better?

Would I be able to attract the same type of guy to my experience? Trust me, I don’t want the real actor, he is not what I want, I just want his same kind of look... So should I stop putting this actor in place of my ideal guy because the universe will think I am trying to attract the actor, and since that is impossible, the universe will not bring me anyone at all?

Please HELP!!! LOL.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Great question!!

Don’t get hung up on this. The reason we say not to have a ‘Specific’ person in mind, is for the reasons you’ve pointed out, that it, you can’t attract a specific person because you can’t manifest in another’s reality.

You are aware of this, which means that you won’t miss out on opportunities that will undoubtedly come your way.

If you find it easier, and more effective to use a representation of your ‘perfect mate’ in your visualizations, then that’s fine.

One other thing.... I know you are being very specific about looks, attitude, voice etc etc, which is fine, but don’t let that be your overriding condition.

What I mean is, if someone with all the qualities you are asking for makes an appearance, don’t miss out on your opportunity just because he has the wrong color eyes!

Good luck Laura, and keep it up. Have faith that what you are asking is already with you, it’s just waiting to become your experience.


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