Law of Attraction Works in Mysterious Ways

by Rebecka

It was 8 years ago I was working a summer job doing road construction far from home with one of my friends. We had enough supplies to last use almost two weeks till payday. Thankfully payday was around the corner we had no food left or gas money to drive to work.

Being content that payday had arrived, with big smiles on our face were expecting two big cheques, as our boss pulls up, we were expecting him to hand us our cheques, instead he says, “nothing for you two.” Apparently we missed the cut off day so those two weeks of work would be on our next pay cheque.

Well we were both livid for the next few days, we were in our camper van with no food, no shower, no water, and little gas in our little festiva. Desperate in our despair, not knowing anyone in the town we worked in, we begged our co-workers to lend us some money, there was no luck.

I was really starting to worry and really internally ‘freaking out’ at work the very next day.

I was a flag girl that summer and I spent most of the morning flagging traffic while constantly thinking ‘how to get money for gas’ so at least we could show up for work tomorrow. I was moved to another flag location in the middle of a field to wait till construction starts up again. With nothing in sight and no one around I paced back and forth talking to my self.

Angry at life I looked up at the sky and said God anything just five bucks ... Just five bucks that's it five dollars I would be grateful. I then put my head down with no hope in my heart, but there, to brighten my despair, was a five dollar bill!

The Law of attraction works in mysterious ways.

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Aug 14, 2011
by: John Peace

Love your story, especially when you think of the words written on the back of a $5 bill... (that's why I put a picture in at the top of the page)

"In God We Trust"

Aug 27, 2011
The universal law of reaping and sowing
by: Manifestation Code Scholars

The universal law of reaping and sowing basically states that you will reap what you sow, or that an increase of abundance cannot occur if no seed is sown. Furthermore, you will always reap what you sow and the yield will always be greater than what you have sown; if you sow corn, you will reap corn, and if you sow hundreds of seeds, you will harvest thousands. You must have patience though because the harvest may need time to mature and be ripe for reaping. The yield and harvest intrinsically depend upon the soil and environment. By nurturing these two factors you will be able to reap a greater harvest in a shorter time.

The powerful law of sowing and reaping is compatible the law of attraction and contain some additional essential truths that will greatly facilitate manifestation process. When you give and do something good, you should always know that it will always come back to you in a greater amount.

Learn more about the manifestation process and how to harness the universal powers to reach your goals and desires in the Manifestation Code (

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