Law of Attraction

by Anju Dhungana

After the oceans of queries

Entered and exit the pathetic point
Millions of emotions
Folded and unfolded within the creepy heart
After the bundles of affairs
Done and undone with synovial joint
Being confined within magical energy world
The universe solved its mystery to her thoughts
With the great tribute to life
She realized,
It was not a friction due to traction
Rather it was just a "Law of Attraction"

Thousands of unconscious thoughts streaming,
Presenting themselves in layers and layers of story
Limiting the beliefs
Fears and faiths
That became the interior landscape
Rewiring the brain
With an intense desire
To become a incredible problem solver
Believing that was her fate of doom
But, when her handlines
Showered her with success
Then she realized,
It was just a "Law of Attraction".

It was not easy
Silencing the monkey mind
With prayers and meditation
Keeping the gratitude journal within heart
And acting with altruism
Visualizing as she has everything already
It was not really easy to say
Wow, what a year it has been!
But, dealing with the master mind
With velco for negative experiences
Again, she believed
It is the outcome for her action
But, when miracles showered her good fortune
Then, she realized
It was just a "Law of Attraction".

Ohh no! crawling
Crawling to her destiny
At that point where she realized
All the positive and negative circumstances
Have been attracted through her own thoughts
Emotions and perceptions generated within herself
Soo, tough it had been
Guiding the mislead feelings into an ideal direction
But, when she did
With a little bit of hardwork
And little bit of enthusiasm
Then, she realized
It was just a "Law of Attraction"

Concerning on metaphysical pseudoscience
What she thought she might achieve?
There exists no purpose
No actions needed indeed
No plans
No dates
No challanges
No compassions
She would become a mindless creature
Choosen continuously to live in that unreal future
With that pure belief,
'Like always attracts like'
Compassionately starting the perfect dream machine
Eagerly waiting the date
When thougts became the things
That day, she knew it
Affirmations will manifest for her
When they contain the absoulate truth
The less she knew
It was "Mind Body Interaction"
Now, more she realized
It was just the "Law of Attraction".

Aside this,
Experiencing the energy universe had conspired for her
Learning the lessons from her life's curriculum
Turning up the velco for positive experience
Passing trials and errors time had bestowed for her
That day,
She knew her path
Path towards positivity
Path towards happiness and prosperity
She got the surprising gift for beginning her year
And yes! She decided to live it
Neither for the success
Nor for satisfaction
But to maintain within her life,
"The Law of Attraction".

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