Lets Manifest Money Together

by Yush
(Hoshiarpur (Punjab) India)

Ok, so I have been practicing actively for about a year now, and when I think back on things that seem like accidents...I really did create/attract these things into my life. I am on a MAJOR mission to Manifest $700,000 into my life NOW, yes you read it right… NOW!

I have amazing plans to effect the lives of people through a non-profit organization that I have started called the Gregory-Leon Hand to Man Foundation for Homeless MEN with families....as well as pay off bill...and did I mention that I am currently unemployed? With all kinds of THINGS in my way, I have made a choice to KNOW that it is all an illusion and having LACK is NOT my truth, but that my TRUTH is that which I believe and speak into my life day in and day out, and that is this.."I CHOOSE TO MANIFEST $700,000 or better INTO MY LIFE NOW"

Thank you in advance to all that read this and manifest this with me, I will update you daily on each occurrence that has moved us steps closer to the $700,000 manifestation!!!

I am so excited to receive it, I don't know where its coming from, but its coming....!!!

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Apr 12, 2012
Good luck!
by: Nanette

Just wanted to say good luck on your journey to 700k! Believe in yourself and it will come to you. Don't worry about the How or Why! :)


Apr 17, 2012
Let me join you in manifestation!
by: Krasimira

Dear Yush , it is not a surprise to me that I landed on this page into your post, as I am on the same vibrational level about attraction abundance through service to others.Congratulations for your choice and for your persistent focus.Let me share with you what I use to accelerate my manifestations:check this out:

natural hypnosis site they have a "Think and Grow Rich" hypnosis I bought for about 10 $ as an mp3 download.I think it is an awesome help and I recommend it.Think BIG!Krasimira from www.thetruesecretrevealed.com

Jul 01, 2014
great to hear from you
by: lynne

I think manifesting money for you and an important need in our world is the way to do it! we have dominion responsibility over the world, if we are to receive. your efforts for homeless men and the families they have covers dominion/caring for so I'm sure you will receive. I ask for more than enough to spend and to give, but I'm just new to this. is that right, or did you do it differently? I think like you I should ask for a big amount for a cause that betters the world and me too. that cause would be my specific dominion responsibility too. I'd love to hear from you w/ advice lynne123@aol.com

Nov 08, 2017
did i find this using the law of attraction?
by: Anonymous

Omg I am really studying the LOA daily. I love your story. I would love to join in and manifest money as well. to take care of me my family and enough to help others~~~

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