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Life, The Law of Attraction, And New Beginnings. Continued...

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Life, The Law of Attraction, And New Beginnings. Continued...

After reading about the LOA I have realized that I too carried these thoughts of, “I do not want a marriage like that of my parents,” “I am paranoid about addicts,” etc, into my marital relationship. And guess what? I created that experience to become my reality. The scenario my mother went through is what I have been experiencing, because through my thoughts and feelings I created the same scenario, if not contributed to its making.

In my pursuit of a better life, while still married, 2 years ago I met someone whom I truly love and for the first time felt that yes, I could begin a relationship afresh.

He had all the qualities I looked for in a man even though he is younger than me.

He has been caring and supportive and totally loved my kids as if they were his own.

But again, the relationship faltered because I entered into the relationship with thoughts of “I do not want a person who is like my husband” or “my father” or, “I do not want to go through the same situation”. I want this etc.. and as you can guess the relationship came to an end this year, and he has moved onto another one.

He was the person who introduced me to “The Secret” and as a result made an investment in me, because he felt that there were many barriers and blocks that I had which were preventing me from manifesting abundance, from feeling and enjoying true love etc.

On his part, he too has barriers that he brought into our relationship and although we have separated, we are supporting each other to deal with these barriers that have prevented us from manifesting abundance.

This we hope will help us in our future relationships and we have committed to each other to being best of friends.

As much as I would like to renew this relationship, I know that it cannot happen unless we dissolve our barriers and make a change for the better in my life and most of all that our vibrations of starting afresh are in sync.

Therefore, I have learnt many lessons through the Unlock the Power in You WorkBook, which have made me realize that in my life, the biggest barrier has been the 1980 I made with myself, to shield my then boyfriend, now husband- from being seen as a failure, and I continued to manifest thoughts of him being a failure, hence needing my protection.

Today, through EFT (which I love and find to be totally fun yet fulfilling), I have dissolved these barriers forever and feel that a new life has began. And Yes, I am already living this new life; I can feel it and touch it with a lot of emotion, using every visualization technique offered. Best of all, it has made me understand the cause of why my husband and I behaved the way we did, why the marriage went the way it did, and today, of all the days, I wish my husband a new life, full of happiness and joy and most of one that he is living as and enjoying being the top achiever he is. This I am able to do even though we have moved away emotionally from the marriage because I have understood and turned a page in my life.

It is my hope that my story will help someone to dig into the past and deal with an ‘age old barrier’ that has continued to block their achieving abundance.

It is a long road but then the journey is an enjoyable one.

At every opportunity I get, I give thanks to god, for love, life and good health, the blessings I have received over the years. And, I read through my list of things I like best about… to bring in positive thoughts, and again it is very refreshing to have positive vibrations…

Thanks again John, and god bless,

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wow ! Amazing John !

How could you give me all of this for free? I can't believe..!

wow, thank u john :-)


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I get more astounded as each day passes, I could go on and on.

Thanks for the lessons, I am learning, all be it slowly