Little things I have attracted

by RGC

I first discovered the Law of Attraction when I found the book The Secret in my cousin's room and read it. I was an upcoming college freshman that time and I was amazed from what I've read but eventually had forgotten the idea about it.

But when I was fourth year in college, I was lead back with this idea. And from then I researched more about it and even started meditating. I even tried the water glass where I wrote on a piece of sticky note what I want and stick it to a glass with water. Since I'm a shy type person I wrote I want to be charming and friendly person. So every morning I put my hands around the glass with water and the note with it and visualize I am being friendly before drinking it. I have done it for a week. Then few weeks later, I have noticed that I am being friendly and smiling/laughing with my classmates that I am not even close with. I am shocked with myself either.

And I started to use LoA more but with small things more often with food I want to eat! Haha and it amazes me every time. Often, they're just random things that I unconsciously attracted. Just like the time when I saw a food in a tv commercial, I thought "I want to eat that" and the next day I saw that food laying on our table (not from what I saw in tv, though).

And one day I randomly got curious on how do guns work, then few minutes later while scrolling over fb newsfeed, there was a video titled "how things work" and the first thing showed was a gun. Lol and the same day I was not sure what my class schedule and room for tomorrow so I thought I would just check it later. But few minutes later I got a text message from my classmate (it was a group message) telling us "see you tomorrow guys" with details of time and room of our class tomorrow. Heck! I didn't even messaged her!
It's just amazing. LoA also worked with people I haven't seen a long time. The Universe is really magnificent.

But it really does not matter whether your thought is positive or negative. It will bounce back to you, even hundred times. I have experienced this negative manifestation just 2 yrs ago when I decided to join our cheer dance squad. While we were practicing,there was this girl, who can't do properly while being lifted and so while watching her I keep on thinking "she's not gonna do it, she'll fall" because I was annoyed at her that time ( but we're friends, it was just that time I hated her). And she really didn't make it that time (yeah, I know that was rude). But after a month, during our practice, I can no longer do what we have practiced before; I fail to stand and was being left behind. I wondered what was happening to me. So my team attempted many more times until I fell and it was a bad fall. No one caught me and I fractured my elbow. And it took me months to realize why that happened to me. And yes, the cause was my thoughts.

Now, I decided that I'm going to practice this Law with bigger and positive things now that I am entering the adult life. I know the Universe is just waiting for me to ask and I shall believe and receive.

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