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I have been in a relationship for a year now and we share a very good bond. We care for each other, we are always there for each other, we are together most of the time and we also know everything to do with each other.

But the guy that I love is getting an arranged married to someone else, since his family wants to him to, he is now officially engaged and will get married after a month......

But we are still together, we care for each other the same way and like always, we are still doing great together, in spite of few arguments.....

LOA says if things are not aligned, things will zig and zag between us, but that’s not how it is, we are still happy together but what about marriage……….

I need help on this......

I have put my wish to the Universe to get married to him and I am trying my best to manifest things.....

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You need to remember that you cannot manifest in another’s reality.

The Law of Attraction brings a matching experience to your vibration. In other words, how you feel, and what you predominately think, causes you to experience a reality depending on your thoughts and feelings, whether it is a wanted experience or not.

The same thing can be said of your boyfriend. That is, the Law of Attraction brings a matching experience to his vibration. How he feels, and what he predominately thinks, will cause him to experience a reality depending on his thoughts and feelings, whether it is a wanted experience or not.

If it is the case that the Law of Attraction matches our experiences to our vibration, then it is quite clear that to change your experiences, you must change your vibration.

However, you can never change the experience of another by changing your vibration. That would goes against this principle and makes no sense at all.

There is also another misconception about the Law of Attraction that you need to understand.

That is that the Law of Attraction matches your experiences by aligning all cooperative opportunities, events and people.

In other words, you can only choose the experience you want, not the opportunity, or the events, or the people.

So by adjusting your vibration to one of a person in a happy, romantic, loving and sharing relationship, all cooperative opportunities, events and people shall be aligned for you to experience this reality.

So to get the experience of this type of relationship, you need to predominately think and feel as if you are in that relationship now.

The question is, is you boyfriend a cooperative match the experience you desire?

This is not a question that anyone can answer.

I am sure that you will think, and as I read your question I get the idea that you think that he is a vibrational match to your desired experience, but unless he stands up to his family and goes against their wishes, he is not a cooperative match to your desires.

You see, this is all down to him.

He is the creator of his reality, and he has the power of free will to choose his experience. Now he can either put his family first, go through with this arranged relationship and try to align to the relationship that has been put before him, or he can go against his family, and align to his relationship with you.

But there is absolutely not enough
thought or feeling in the world that you can adopt, to make him do something, unless he does it himself.

In fact, the more you try to reinforce your unwanted experience, the more vitality and strength you give it.

So how do you move forward from here?

As I have said, the Law of Attraction brings a matching experience to your vibration, or your predominant thoughts and feeling. So to experience the reality of your desires, you must change your vibration, to match those desires.

If you desire a happy, romantic, loving and sharing relationship, in as much as it is possible, you must have a matching vibration to that desire.

Not an easy thing to do I grant you, but this is how you apply the Law of Attraction, to get the experiences you want.

This becomes more difficult when you think you know the source for this experience, and you feel the lack, or pending lack of the source, in your case this person.

When you are feeling the lack of something, you add the lack of it to your vibration, and as it is a part of you, the Law of Attraction will align everything up to ensure you feel this lack.

This goes for wanting to, when you are feeling that you want something, you add the want of it to your vibration, and the Law of Attraction aligns all cooperative events, circumstances and people, so that you can continue to feel more want.

So feeling and thinking of want, not having, needing and lacking, only goes to manifest an experience that matches these feelings, and the more desperately you want and need these things, the more a situation is created to help you feel a more desperate feeling of want and need.

To sum up, there is very little you can do to manifest an experience with a specific person, but you have everything in your power to manifest an experience, just by aligning with that desired experience vibrationaly, and letting go of the hows, the whys and the whens.

The only suggestion I can make to help your boyfriend to exercise his free will, would be to introduce him to these ideas. However, there is no guarantee that he would be willing to accept this as Law, especially when it means going against the wishes of his family.

But be careful with this, you cannot force someone to do anything, and it is just as important that you let him exercise his free will, and possibly reject these ideas, if that is what he wishes to do.

Remember that you are the creator of your own reality, you can choose what you want to experience, as long as you align to your desires, not to the lack of them. Allow the Universe to do its work, even though it may seam that you may have a difficult time ahead.

Everything has a reason, everything has a purpose, and as long as you stay true to your wishes, you wishes will find vitality and grow, even if you cannot see how they will at this moment.

Seeing is not believing, just believe, and you shall see.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…



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