LOA or New Outlook

by Mayabini

I am a Bangladeshi Muslim Girl. When I was 16 years old, I came to know about meditation and affirmation. I started to apply that knowledge in my real life. It worked. Though I did not know LOA.

This March I came to know about LOA through The Secret and the Power by Rhonda Byrne. After that my view has been changed dramatically.

As religion Islam is peaceful and simple. Gratefulness, Love, forgiveness is one of our attributes that we have to follow. But honestly I’ve never been so much conscious on these issues.

After Reading The Power for the very first time I felt joy and gratefulness for my living. For the very first time I felt sorry for not being grateful to Allah as my Lord.

This is Islam's one of attributes that you have to be grateful in all sorts of situations.

After Reading and Knowing about LOA I am a new person in all aspects.

I now pray 5 times a day with keen passion. I am happy. I am successful. Because I know LOA.

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