LOA worked even when I didn't know about it

Two years ago I went on vacation with my mother for a month and we went around visiting relatives and family. There was one friend that my mother was skeptical about meeting because of the distance we had. Her friend lived at least 40 minutes away from us, and my mother thought we'd never see her.

Eventually I told my mother these words (not exactly but roughly what I said): "Don't worry about it, you'll see your friend". I had faith that we were going to see this friend of hers for some reason. I reinforced this a few times over the next few days whenever she brought it up by basically repeating the same thing, and then moving onto something else.

I forgot how many days later this was but one night my mom's friend called after trying to get in touch with her for a few days through email (we were staying with a relative that had no wifi). They talked on the phone for at least a half hour, and then my mom comes out to tell me that we'll be meeting her friend the following day. In the inside I knew this was the work of the LOA even though at this point I had no idea what it even was. Not only that, but her friend was going to pick us up and drive us around her neighbourhood.

The next day we did just that. Her friend picked us up in the morning, drove us to her neighbourhood, and throughout the day we met up with her friends sister, nephew, parents, and even her kids. It was more than what we bargained for and it turned out perfectly. Everyone benefited from it, and we all had a good day.

The LOA works in more ways than one. The whole key is to just "let go" and have faith the Universe will work its magic for you. Everything works out for you at the end, and no matter what you'll always have the best scenarios playing out for you - just as long as you have faith in the LOA.

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