Long Lost Friend

by El

I have many Law of Attraction stories but here is one that that's really wild.

Late January a few years back I was looking through my high school yearbook with my daughter. When I came upon a classmate (Tina) I said to my daughter "Out of all my classmates Tina is the one I really want to see". At this time I had no idea where she might be as I hadn't heard from her in over 30 years.

A few weeks later my husband and I decided to take an impromptu trip since we were both free from work. We drove from our home in New Jersey to West Virginia, where my husband went to college, then on to Kentucky, South and North Carolina doing whatever we felt like.

On our way home through Virginia we decided to take a detour off the highway to do a little sightseeing in a little town. We decided to check out the town's art gallery since I myself am an artist.

Once inside and viewing the art I could hear my husband talking to the woman behind the counter. I heard her ask him where he was from and her saying that she too was from NJ. As I came around the corner to where they were right in front of me was Tina!

How is that for LOA! You got to love it.

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