Losing Faith In The Law of Attraction

I want to start this Attraction Law again but I still think behind my head it is bogus. I bought the secret book and video and for a while I was positive but nothing really happened. I went through a few months of course on positive thinking and I'm now at the point that I gave up.

I'm really negative and hate life altogether. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 16 and now I'm 37 in a wheelchair since my early 20. I don't think I believe in a higher power anymore. I think if there is a God, he sucks and not for me at all. I want to know how this book will help me.

I'm just tired of looking at other people winning or getting stuff I would love to get or do. If I get the Unlock The Power Workbook for $27, how will this change anything is what I'm asking?

I'm thinking like the secret was a scam on making some fast bucks. Why is this any different?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I’m not that surprised that you find the existence of the Law of Attraction difficult to accept, after all, you have had a lot more than most to have to come to terms with, and the very suggestion that you have created this reality must be very difficult to take.

Not only must this suggestion be difficult for you, it must make you quite angry to when people like me tell you that you can change your reality by changing the way you think and feel, especially when what you think and how you feel are so closely connected to the bad experiences you have been having.

With your experience of the Law of Attraction, and some of the methods you have been using, to me, it is not to surprising that you are feeling frustrated and disappointed by the whole idea.

And certainly, if you have been following the methods outlined in The Secret, like many people, frustration and disappointment quickly follow.

It’s not that The Secret is inaccurate, it’s just that the methods they teach you to apply these ideas are far to simplistic.

One of the biggest problems people have when they try to apply the Law of Attraction to their lives, is that they try to make the jump from an extreme vibration of not having, to an extreme vibration of having, and they find it such a huge gap to bridge, that they often end up right back where they started.

You cannot go from powerlessness to joy, nor could you go from powerlessness to excitement, or hope, but you can go from powerlessness to anger, and anger is a much closer vibration to ‘having it now’, at least you have your power back.

Admittedly, a vibration of anger will align you to things that make you angry, but better to be aligned to things that make you angry, than to things that make you powerless and depressed.

And, once you are in a vibration of anger, you can start to look for another vibration, which is nearer to where you want to be, possibly revengefulness.

I’m not suggesting that you act out revenge, but you can feel revenge, and as you do you have more power than you did when you were depressed, and more power than you did when you were angry.

From revenge you can then move on to frustration, to forgiving, and then on to hope.

And from hope you can start to move to belief and faith, and from here, to anticipation, to excitement, and eventually onto joy.

And as you move through each vibration you shall see the results of your thought in your experience. Your hope will bring you hopeful circumstances, your belief will bring you evidence of things to have faith about, your anticipation will bring your desires closer, your excitement shall make you look forward…

And your joy shall bring you your wishes.

Here’s a great video from Abraham-Hicks, which explains this and may make you feel a little better about today.

Abraham-Hicks Moving Up The Emotional Scale

And here is another video from Abraham-Hicks talking about disability, it may help you to come to terms with where you are.

Abraham-Hicks Labelling Disabled 'disabled'

I certainly think that you would find Esther and Jerry Hicks book Ask and It Is Given very helpful.

So what would the Unlock The Power WorkBook do for you?

This workbook is a structured 30-Day program to help someone raise their vibration and feel the best of now.

Why is raising your vibration and feeling good about where you are now in your current experience, such an important part of applying the Law of Attraction?

Because your vibration, is your predominant thought and feeling, and as the Law says…

“you experience, what you think about, most of the time.”

A vibration of Fear, produces a reality of Concern.

A vibration of Doubt, produces a reality of Hesitation.

A vibration of Worry, produces a reality of Uneasiness.

A vibration of Uncertainty, produces a reality of Insecurity.

If you have tried all sorts of methods to get the things you want, and you haven’t had much luck, it is more than likely, down to your vibration, your fear, doubt, worry or uncertainty.

And unless you clean up your thoughts, no visualizations or affirmations will ever work, in fact, these techniques have probably been working against you.

Are you ready to put these methods to work, once and for all?

Are you ready to see a real change in your reality?

Are you ready to change your experience?

If you are, my 30-Days to Unlock The Power WorkBook will show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do.

You see, it may not be the methods you have been using up to now, that are the problem, it may be that you simply can’t shake your fear, doubt, worry or uncertainty, and if that is the case, this eBook is exactly what you need.

If you remember the excited feeling you had when you first heard about the Law of Attraction, and since then you’ve seen little change.

If you get a buzz from your visualizations, but a massive disappointment by their results.

If you just can’t seem to get this to work, I guarantee you that in 30 Days from now, if you follow this program, your life will change!

30-Days To Unlock Your Power

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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