Lost and Found

When I was in middle school, I lost my clarinet and we had a concert at school in a few days. I had no idea where it was and searched every room in the house and at school with no luck.

Well, my mom had just showed me this book about the law of attraction, The Secret, and I decided why not try it. I had nothing to lose. So, I stopped looking for my clarinet and envisioned me having it and playing it and gave thanks for finding it.

Then, I went about my normal day, and stayed in a happy, receiving place.

The next day, out of nowhere, in the middle of gym class, my band teacher walked into the gym holding my clarinet and smiling (she knew I'd been looking for it). I knew immediately that the law of attraction had responded to my request. She said it was in the boys' locker room. I must have left it outside my locker and someone picked it up and put it in the boys' locker room, for some reason.

I thanked her (and the universe) for finding my clarinet. And that was really what convinced me that it works!

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Jan 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

That's how it's done. Way to go!

Oct 09, 2011
My Sony MP3 player lost in the snow and how it was found undamaged.
by: Anonymous

I am really glad for you: I have noticed MANY MANY times when I or my Mom loses osmething she values we try to look for it and usually don't find it.

Then as soon as I envision having it and relax allowing my mind to wander I will either get the object back like *WOW!* or I will fully remember what happened so I will not repeat the mistake.

My most exciting one was we were going to Silver Falls Park in Oregon while listening to my Sony MP3 player with tons of classic Disney music.

We went to visit someone at a place nearby called the Christian Renewal Center several miles away and realize the player WAS GONE!!!! OH NO! and looked all thru the car and I cursed the universe till I was blue in the face.......................

After to no avail I envisioned having it in the spiritual realm while being happy with it to calm myself down which 5-10 mins later Dad suddenly remembered I was fussing around in the car back at the park and might have dropped it.

Dad decided to give it a shot to look even though I didn't think I would have it again in this life-time but to my amazement there it was and it was even still turned on with quite a bit of battery power!

I was able to finish the night listening to music and this was in a parking lot where a car could've ran over it at ANY time.

I am still upset about my Sim City dreams not coming true and wish to know why it's not the right time and place for such a dream.

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